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Make a Wish/Break a Wish

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Posted by Egocentric, 4:38am, 29 Sep, 2009

Granted! Everyone falls asleep for an hour.

I wish for more forum games.

Posted by FFWF, 3:52pm, 29 Sep, 2009

Granted! I start the "post spam to get this thread deleted" game.

I wish I hadn't just found a fly in my glass of water. (Yes, really.)

Posted by zooink, 8:59pm, 29 Sep, 2009

Granted! You found a cockroach in it instead.

I wish I could avoid traffic jams when going to work.

Posted by vega777, 2:03am, 1 Oct, 2009

Granted! Your car breaks down. You now have to walk to work.

I wish my wishes would stop turning on me.

Posted by FFWF, 4:45pm, 1 Oct, 2009

Granted! Your wishes turn on your best friend instead.

I wish I was a better artist.

Posted by meln008, 10:29am, 3 Oct, 2009

You got it! Your scribbles now look like stick figures.

I wish I had better balance.

Posted by Egocentric, 6:00am, 6 Oct, 2009

Sure! You are now a cat.

I wish I had a fruit salad.

Posted by Gadora, 4:08pm, 7 Oct, 2009

Okay, you have a fruit salad. It cost you $6.50.

I wish for eternal happiness.

Posted by FFWF, 4:34am, 10 Oct, 2009

Granted! Your eternal happiness grows dull with no other emotion to compare it against.

I wish my morning coffee tasted better.

Posted by Alice belladora, 8:57am, 14 Oct, 2009

Granted! Your morning coffee tastes like sewage water.

I wish i had a pig called Olivia.

Posted by Egocentric, 12:45pm, 14 Oct, 2009

Gee, if that is "better", I wouldn't want to know how your old coffee tasted....

Granted! You know own a pig called Olivia, but she lives in Nepal. If you want to meet her you'll have to get over there. (Assuming you are not there already. If so, lucky you.)

I wish I had perfect spelling.

Posted by zooink, 6:13am, 16 Oct, 2009

Granted! But now your maths become poor.

I wish I was popular with girls.

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