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Writing in the dust of dawn!

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Posted by Alice belladora, 11:26am, 17 May, 2009

*She hurries back, only moments after disappearing, her boots squelching unpleasantly in the accumulated rainwater.*

Sorry, i, er, forgot something. Several things. Just a moment... mr Radek, could you keep hold of these?

*She roots around in her various pockets, and brings out a ladle, a small whisky bottle with a drunken pirate carved on the front, a delicate silver compass, a pouch of rusty old cogs, a lace handkerchief, and several bits of paper covered in odd diagrams and tea stains.*

Ta. Keep them safe. Don't forget the plan. *She hurries off again, looking slightly distracted.*
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 10:06pm, 18 May, 2009

*Stands watching the rain with his arms crossed, an unreadable expression on his face; he seems to have thrown every word he has at the enemy out, and is finally out of breath, hexes, and just seems to have melted into a reflection of himself. He remains silent as Alice explains her grand plan, his face showing no emotion at all; but his eyes betray him, looking more and more downcast and withdrawn as she continues speaking; his faint objections forming on his lips but never quite turning into words; just whispers against the storm*

- You know, you didn't have to-
-Of course it wasn't your fault, stupid! How could it have been your fault?-
-It looks like suicide because it's suicidal! Can't you see I can't have that?-
-Can't you see?-

*His silence remains however, finally showing the faintest hint of his old confidence and a slight smirk as she nears the end of her plan.* Sounds death-defying, stupid, maniac, and completely and utterly like it's gonna fail. In other words... When do we start? *stretches his arms, sliding his revolver into a pocket in the torn and dusty old suit that Alice lent him* Although, it occurs to me that, even though I'm not as athletic as you, I could probably stow the bomb, instead.. *His eyes meet hers, briefly* No?... No.

Get yourself ready, Belladora. I can't promise I'll be willing to open fire if you don't make it out of there... So you better just get out anyhow. *Watching her walk off, water dropping out of her lopsided top hat, he sighs* ... Sorry, cap'n. Back in the day, yelling at your enemies was enough to get them to leave you alone. I guess ships don't scare easily, eh? *Stares at the huge fleet advancing at them rapidly, led by the omnious black monolith, then grins widely* I'll expect you to keep that promise. Now let's give Miss Belladora the help she needs to knock that witch out of the air and get back here in the blink of an eye.

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 10:17pm, 18 May, 2009

Uh, Alice? Sure, we're ready whenever you are- anda course I'll hold onto these, for you. *carefully reaches over for the assorted small treasures, handling them with a gentleness belying his haggard appearance* ... How about you hold onto this for me, then? *reaches into a pocket, and takes out a tiny brown laquer case* My distance glasses. Rarely use 'em, although I should really have them on at all times... That way, you'll have an extra excuse to come back safe, ha!..

*shuffles around in the puddles of rainwater, looking nervous, wet, and more then a little worried.. but ready. As he watches her scurry he off, he rubs his hands together to keep warm, breath coming out in tiny misty bursts as he stares off into the distance* Getting closer... Alice, I hope you know what you're doing; but if I had a red cent for every time I'd wished that, I'd be able to get you something that wasn't broken into a thousand pieces. That jump's gonna be crazy, ain't it... *turning to Eckstein, he eyes him up*

I can't take your comment about Miss Belladora weighing much to heart, but if she's gonna make that jump, what I figure we should do is stand shoulder to shoulder, and she should be able to get enough lift from us that she'll be able to land right on the deck of that goliath. That sound like a plan? *Raises an eyebrow, to which the captain nods gruffly*

"Hah, coulda told you that much m'self, Skinner. Just get ready to give the lady something to jump off of- this party we've got nothing to worry about. She's quite athletic, if you haven't seen as much already." *The captain grins, and the two men stand shoulder to shoulder as the sorceress's black ship advances steadily closer, to the point where it feels like in moments, it could tear into Eckstein's beaten ship like a knife through tissue paper*

Awright! *Radek raises his voice loud across the now pounding rain, each tiny drop feeling like an icy dagger* We're ready whenever you are, Miss Belladora! Say hello to this old friend of yours from us, with a loud explosion if possible!

Posted by Alice belladora, 10:01am, 19 May, 2009

*She backs up for the second time, looking deeply serious. She takes a moment to call spektor to her side, and suddenly darts forward. She runs at the two gunmen like hell, and uses them much in the same way an athlete would jump over a horse. Time slows down as she flies through the air, spektor behind her. She catches (but only just) the railing on the ship, and somehow manages to haul herself up. Her socks are falling down, and she looks soaked to the bones. The rain begins to fall harder. She disappears into the gloom.
A few minutes later, gunfire can be heard, faintly. Time stretches on. The rain stops being rain, and becomes an upright sea with holes in it.
Ten minutes pass... then fifteen. Then, suddenly, there is a huge crash. Then an earth-shattering scream of fury. Then an explosion. An explosion so big it makes mugs of tea vibrate up to 3 miles away.
An explosion so bright it temporarily blinds the two figure standing on the smaller ship.

When they can finally see, they can see... nothing.

Plumes of smoke rise into the sky. Very small metal things and bits of debris fall into places they will never be found. The flaming wreckage lies hundreds of feet below. A mysterious shadow moves against the grey clouds for a second, then is gone. Nothing but silence, and a gentle hissing sound.


Something heavy falls inexplicably from the sky, landing on one of the smaller figures with a muffled shriek.*

Mr Radek..?! sorry!
when i told spektor to release me, we didn't seem to be quite so high up! Are you alright?

*She picks herself up, swaying slightly. Her socks are steaming and blackened, and her miniature top hat is shedding cogs. She salutes them, and faints. Eckstein quickly picks her up, and turns towards mr Radek.*

"Skinner, take us out of here. Follow Captain Leticia. Alice'll be fine. She just needs a nice strong cup of tea and a new pair of socks. Pick up those cogs for her, she can glue them back. Off with you. I need to speak with her when she comes around, so don't disturb us until i say so. Quickly, now."
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 9:25am, 23 May, 2009

*Watches as Alice takes off through the sky and lands with (somewhat) cat-like grace, his face flitting from terror to hope to confidence to uncertainty all within the span of seconds, his fingers grabbing the railing so tight that his hands look red and ruddy pale. He opens and closes his mouth several times, unsure of what to say, turning to face the implacable captain as if to talk to him, but turning away silently every time.

The rain continues to pour around them, threatening to tear holes in the steel of the ship, let alone such human things as skin or cloth. It's almost enough to distract from the sudden, deafening roar that rings through the sky, sending aftershocks of orange tearing through rain and cloud evenhandedly. Radek runs to the deck, peering over, eyes wide.*

Alice?! Alice...?

*He doesn't say anything else. For awhile, it doesn't look like he'll say anything at all. And yet...* THWUMP!

Agh, my knee- ALICE! *Looking as if he's going to twirl Alice up and take her up on a dance right in the middle of the half-mast sky, he sobers up immediately upon seeing how her face* I'm fine, how can you ask about me when you've obviously hurt yourself?! Er, or at least your socks, and that rather nice top hat... *Helps her up somewhat more cautiously then planned, looping his arm around her back to help steady her... and not doing a very good job of it as Eckstein quietly and efficiently helps prop her up... slightly to Radek's chagrin, although he nods at the Captain's words* Sounds like a good plan, I haven't flown in ages, but I'll make sure not to damage your vessel; looks like we're out of the storm.


*Stares at her eyes before speaking* You just did a damn fool thing, I was worried sick about you, and, and- you probably saved us. *cracks a wry grin* I don't know if you can see it, but it looks like the bulk of the fleet is drifting off, now. We're safe. A-anyway. You two go talk, I'll get us out of here. And keep your cogs safe, never know when you might need them to spice up a good hat. *Watches them go nervously, then collapses on the deck*

Spice up a hat? Stupid! And you should've checked up on her more, with all your floundering about- Ack, the cogs! And Leticia, got to go follow her- *Scrambles to his feet, and nervously paces to the wheel* I wonder what they're talking about, perhaps I could make her some sort of herbal remedy? Hmn, but I don't seem to have herbs... or tea... *fishes nervously around in the pockets of his jacket, producing a rather antiquated tin of cocoa powder* Well, this'll have to do. *Reaches the wheel, and starts following Leticia's craft through the now pristine sky, noticing a rather quiet, somewhat worn-out and oddly feather-less in places owl perched on a piece of scrap iron*

Spektor? I have -NO- idea what or how you got Alice, er, Miss Belladora back here... But you're incredible. *grins widely, although a little sheepishly* Can't believe I'm talking to you. Maybe, while I'm busy making sure we keep on track, you could go and fetch some warm water and milk powder for cocoa? It's like tea, only not as good, but quite excellent for when you're spirits are down, and- *stares in amazement as the owl darts off, it's intelligent eyes glinting upon it's quick return with a small pitcher of warm milk*

That's perfect. I guess.. Hmn, since you're so smart, how about you watch the wheel? Just for a second... I promise I'll be back in a flash, and thanks a million! For everything! *mixes the cocoa with an oddly familiar pencil, then nervously walks over towards where he saw Alice and Eckstein dissappear to* I'll... Hmn, possibly just leave this here? No, no, it'll tip over... Hmn... *loses himself in thought, looking oblivious, confused, and a little silly... but above all, just glad that she's all right.*

Posted by Alice belladora, 1:18pm, 23 May, 2009

*Voices can be heard from behind a closed door. An english accent and a gruff baritone. The gruff voice raises itself slightly. The english one continues to talk quietly. Only bits and pieces of the conversation can be heard, almost a foot of scratched and dented wood seperating the captain's office from the dark hallway.*

"Quite honestly the most foolhardy thing I've ever seen-"

"I'm alive, aren't i? that's the key, survival. Where would you be now if you hadn't taken a few risks? honestly, eckstein. You're acting like the whole floating library debacle never happened. And what about the elders?"

"That's got nothin' to do with nothin', and you know it. The elders were outta line. That was necessary, that was. What you just did was murder."

"Do you really believe she's dead? That woman wouldn't give in to death if he came up to her and personally gave her a court order."

"You two are more alike than i thought, then."

*The murmuring becomes quieter, and yet at the same time more heated. Eventually, there is a bang, and Captain Eckstein comes out. He looks disgruntled, and sets off along the corridor, puffing like a man at the end of a very frayed tether. He almost walks right into Mr Radek,*

"Skinner? What're you doing here? thought i told ya to man the rudder. What's that yeh'v got there? cocoa? Well, alright then. She's just down there, through the door on the right. Perfectly fine, as i never doubted. I'll fly us out of here. Probly' just as well, as i don't fancy seeing my ship lying in a smoking wreck. For a second time. Off with you."

*He pushes Radek firmly aside, marches up to the rudder, and waves away spektor. He performs a slow, graceful turn. A little way away, leticia's ship can be seen as a vaguely familiar shape. The wind starts to pick up. In her office, alice absent mindedly twirls a pencil, and waits for her gunman to arrive.*

".....I hope he wasn't hurt too badly when i fell on him. Poor thing. Why do all the people i travel with end up squashed beneath me, some way or another? In any case, I've a lot to talk with him about. Where we're going, why, and when. Good thing i had some spare black and white stripy socks handy. I hope he picked up my cogs. They cost almost a shilling. Prices these days. I really hope my watches aren't damaged from the rain. Bit silly, really, wearing them in one's hair. I'll need a nice sensible hair ornament, where we're going. I must stop talking to myself. People already think i'm mad. *Sigh.*"
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 8:12pm, 23 May, 2009

*Knocked out of his little dream world, Radek stands smartly at attention when Eckstein pushes by, smiling almost unnoticeably* Captain? Oh, I left the rudder in very capable hands. More capable then myself in fact; the last ship I was on crashed to a fiery grave, although there were few injuries... *His smile twitches slightly, spreading to his eyes* Well, more then a few, perhaps. Anyway, you go mind the ship, sir. I'll only be completely relaxed when Leticia's cruiser is in our line of sight, and we've left what's left of our pursuers rotting in the sky.

You can never, ever be too careful, can you Captain? *sliding to the side as the captain briskly moves past him, he shivers and pulls his rather dusted suit around him, rubbing his shoulder* Hmn. Seems the winds picking up... How lucky for us! First rain, and now we've been blessed with a spirited breeze. What a coincidence. *His eyes narrow briefly, before he resumes a happy-go-lucky smile, and raps on the office door before strolling in, not waiting for a response*

.. Hey, you. Nice to see you up on your feet, and your feet in a pair of wonderfully stripey monochromatic socks; it's like you weren't just... In a ship that you blew up, or anything of the sort. Ah, I saved these for you - *rummages around in his pockets, and shoving some sprockets, cogs, and what appears to be a silver watch hob onto the table, as well as the dusty remains of what once might have been a chocolate bourbon* Er. And some cocoa. I thought you might need something to lift your spirits?. *Restraining his natural desire to run over and make sure she's all right, sighing reluctantly. Radek pulls up a chair, resting his feet on the table, his eyes half-shut*

Look, I don't mean to eavesdrop, but it's a force of habit, and it takes me ages to trust anyone, completely. I trust Eckstein; without his aid, we'd be very, *VERY* dead. Or worse, stranded somewhere, or prisoner of that harpy. However.. *he opens his eyes just a slit, his smile grim* I personally am of the opinion that whenever you have the advantage, you should take it. Powerful enemies are rarely defeated.. and if she is, clearly you had every right in making sure the witch was dead. Besides, I wouldn't care if she'd dedicated her life to charity; if she was an enemy of yours, she's an enemy of mine.

*smiles more geniunely* But let's not talk about that... Unless you want to, or need to get it out. I can't put into words how worried I was; but really, given it was you involved, I shouldn't have doubted you at all... I won't, in the future. Just support you, a hundred percent, no matter who or what stands in our way. Ah, and still not meaning to eavesdrop... *scratches the back of his head, blushing slightly* There are worse places to end up. I mean, when ya fell on me, and all. Whatever. Anyhow, hmn... Ah, how's the chocolate? And yourself? You seem to be doing all right... I mean, given everything that's happened... Haha, ahmn. Well.

Posted by Alice belladora, 4:58am, 24 May, 2009

*She picks up the bourbon, blows the dusty bits off, dunks it in the cocoa, and puts the small trinkets gifted to her in her pocket. She looks up, and smiles in a cheerful sort of way.*

The chocolate is just splendid, Mr Radek, and i myself am feeling quite splendid, too. Almost unnaturally splendid, given that i just blew up a ship, was thrown 50 feet into the air, and dropped from a great height onto you. And might i say that you aren't the softest landing? I always recommend a slice of cake to frighten away demons, and add a few pounds to a thin frame. I seems that you haven't eaten in days. Almost an entire barrel of bourbons Isn't enough to sustain a gunman! My strawberry muffins are almost done. Do try one, mr Radek.

We have much to chat about, or so it seems. Funny, isn't it? Almost ironic, that words, which are designed specifically to communicate with, communicate so little. Ah ha. Well, enough of all that. First, you must take a look at this.

*She picks up an enourmous leather bound book from the floor, and drops it on the desk between them. A small cloud of dust rises up. She takes a slurp of her cocoa, and opens the ancient tome.*

This is a history of the white mountains. Where we're going, if we don't get captured by the authorities. It's very quiet, and out of the way. I realise that laying low for a few weeks may be a tad boring, but i really don't want to end up in the high court, yet again. And neither should you.
An old friend of mine lives in a very certain astronony tower there. I'm sure he'll be welcoming, if he forgets our little bet! *Nervous laugh.*

It should take us just under 3 days to get there, if old Eckstein uses some of his old shortcuts. We'll have to cross the sea, and venture into the territories of just about every pirate, bandit, brigand, and illegal trading group operating today. There's no doubt we'll be approached by them, but eckstein has always hated such blatant criminals, and we can stock up on ammunition somewhere, I'm sure. If any of them cause us trouble, we'll blow them out of the sky, and if they chase us, we'll show them what we're made of! This ship is still one of the fastest operating today. If our enemies ever got their grubby hands on it, we might all as well just give up and live somewhere quietly. An unthinkable option, of course.

*She pushes the book a little nearer, and absent-mindedly winds her pocket watch.*

Miss mufflethwait will be waiting for us, of course. She's a tough old thing, despite her looks. A bit like our ship, really. She'll be arm wrestling pirates in every ale house in town. We'll have to stop there, to pick her up. She's a wanted woman like us, now. To leave her behind would be cruel and treacherous. Yes, indeed.... *Talking to herself more than to him, yet again.*

So, that's the plan! *Appearing to snap out of her trance-like state.*
We fly across the seas, and stop at the nearest pirate-cove. We tread lightly, and speak to no-one suspicious. We stock up on ammo, and pick up my housekeeper. We get the hell out of there, and fly as fast as we can to the mountains, battling armed sky-pirates all the way.

Wait... Ah, yes. I almost forgot... *She pulls Radek's distance glasses out of her dusty pocket, places them carefully on the desk, gets up, rummages around in a wooden chest for a few moments and brings out his old clothes. She puts them alongside the glasses.*

I told you I'd return them. Eventually. They're a bit dirty, but warm and dry. Two things you certainly aren't. You can change into them later.

So, what do you say to the plan, mr Radek? strawberry muffin? *Enigmatic smile..*

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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 8:32pm, 24 May, 2009

*smiles warmly, and brushes some of the dust off of his coat* Wonderful! I didn't know how well it'd hold, but I figured that you might need something to pick your spirits up. Er, and I would've picked you up, but I seem to have lost movement or something... Yes that was it. *nods to himself, looking more then a little shifty* Anyway! You can fall from great heights on to me anytime. I may not be the softest landing but I promise I'll do my best to make sure you... Ah, get through all right. *Sighs, and reaches for a delicious looking muffin* Sorry, that sounded so much cooler in my head- these are delicious! *Reaches for another muffin, and another...*
Er, promise this'll be the last one I take. Don't want to take advantage of an injured friends hospitality or anything... *chews on the muffin thoughtfully, swallows, then stares straight at Alice.*

Words don't really say anything. They're nice, and I like to hear them - especially when it's you doin' the speaking - but there are some things you just can't say with them.. *fiddles with his fingers, seems about to lean across the table to say something, then leans back, looking keenly at the book Alice drops on the desk*

White Mountains... I've heard of them. There are a lot of interesting types up there, am I right? Mostly farmers, mountaineers and the like... But a few people laying low from the regional authorities.. It's a good thing my great-uncle was a Hapsburgian alpine cheese-maker, as I know a thing or two about mountain survival. Besides, it'll hardly be boring if we're together, right? Perhaps there's some secret cave or something to explore, or we can cause a bit of chaos in the village... Orrrr... *grins widely* we can lay low for a bit, make sure our little posse is all right, and I can show you the delights of freshly made goat-cheese. It sure beats going headless. *chuckles, then sighs at Alice's laughter*

Aliiccceeee... When you say friend, do you mean the sort of friend as in 'a trustworthy companion who will offer us shelter for a day' or 'a decent friend who may or may not have some reason to want my stuff, my life, or at the very least get a few good laughs out of making life miserable for us'? Not that I mind, either way. It'll be exciting, I can tell... and with me (and Eckstein, and Leticia, and definitely that wise old bird Miss Mufflethwait) looking after you, what do you have to worry about?

*grins, reclining back in the chair; it makes a nervous creek as he reaches for another muffin, and he quickly retracts his fingers* Aanyway. I'm sure we'll be fine, and all these ruffian-types'll just learn to fear our names! Hmn, we should get flags for these ships, something so large and frightening that every pirate in the area will learn to run in the opposite direction upon seeing'm.... *looks pensive, then raises an eyebrow* ... Still winding that watch? I certainly hope it's bringing you good luck... *bites his lip nervously, but says nothing, just listening to her thoughts, finally speaking when she snaps out of her thinking*

All right! *Grins and pumps a fist in the air!* Now that's a plan I can agree to! We'll go on, kick some pirates around, fix up this ship, get enough munitions to fry a very small celestial orb if necessary, and rescue the pirates from Miss Mufflethwait, who has likely been crowned Head Pirate by now. Combat, danger, adventure, ro-aming around, haha!... *smiles warmly at his old clothes, reaching for his glasses immediately* Hmn... They feel a bit snug around my nose... Heh. Thank you, Alice. *gathers his things with a strange smile on his face, looking incredibly content* I hope they served you well!

But, as for this plan of yours... *suddenly looks incredibly serious, face grim and grey eyes reflected under his glasses, as his lips slowly curve into a smile to match her own* How could a gunman say no to someone he's sworn to protect? Especially one as... intriguing as yourself?

I'd love to, Alice. And yes, I would also love another strawberry muffin.

So, what do you say to the plan, mr Radek? strawberry muffin? *Enigmatic smile..*

Posted by Alice belladora, 4:48am, 25 May, 2009

*She sighs, and leans back in her chair. She picks up a muffin and pushes it towards Mr Radek. Staring up at the ceiling, all covered in dirt and cobwebs, reminds her of her poor antique shop. She voices this opinion.*

I do hope it wasn't destroyed. If those magickal and terribly vicious compasses ever get loose, that'll be another six weeks imprisonment. Not that i intend to get caught. I never have yet. Not permenantly, anyway. *A small, mischeivous smile flashes across her face for a second, before she puts on her incredibly serious hat.*

I do apologise, and i hate to cut short out conversation, but I'll have to go up in a minute, Radek, me old chum. I just love speeding along through the clouds, don't you? almost makes you forget your troubles.
Also, i need to have a bit of a chat with leticia. We should be only a few meters behind her. I'm sure i can make the jump... *The mischeivous grin flashes again, before she remembers herself.*

I need to give her coordinates, or whatever it is you call them. I think I'll have to bring out my big book of sky-ship phrases, and it is such a hefty, unforgiving manual. *Sigh*
But, not to get you down. Oh, no. Ha ha... Yes, anyway, when I'm gone, you can change, if you feel so inclined. Watch out for the spiders, they have a rather alarming habit of falling on your head, and there's some big ones down here, i can tell you.

My old white mountain friend isn't a bad sort, if you know what i mean. Quite brilliant, actually. He has the most terrible memory, though. I'll be surprised if he even remembers my name. Of course, he'll remember captain leticia. She is quite brilliant herself, and brilliance never forgets itself.

*She gets up off the mildewy old chair, looking absent minded, once again, brushes herself down, picks up another dusty old book of what looks to be coordinates, (or some other such thing) pats mr Radek on the back in a friendly manner, and leaves the room, closing the door behind her with a creak of long-unoiled hinges.*
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 6:54pm, 25 May, 2009

I'm sure it wasn't destroyed, Alice. And besides, even if those compasses got loose, together we could evade an entire imperial armada!... But I don't think that anyone'd think to destroy it... Especially if a certain aggravating sorceress creature failed to make it home- wait, you never got caught..? Or never staid caught? *Smiles back at her, whistling at her incredibly serious-looking hat* Might I take a brief second of time to mention your excellent taste in hats-

Right, the matter at hand. *Purses his lips and presses his palms together* The clouds don't always give me the same feeling of freedom as you- but right now, I'd have to agree. It's enough to take away the pain of today, and kick it offward to tomorrow... Although I'd have to ask you what troubles -you're- putting out of mind, sometime. *Flashes a briefly serious expression, then grins* But, enough about that! If you want to go give Leticia the scare of a lifetime... *Hefts the heavy tome* I'll be glad to toss this after you, so that you can make the jump. After all, you wanted to do it the moment you thought of it, right? *Grins* And I'm not going to try to stop you from doing things, not anymore.

Hah, for a minute I thought you expected me to get changed right here! *His grins spreads to his glasses, although he quickly executes a quick bow* I'll make sure to be ready for adventure when you're done with those coordinates, though. And spiders and I have a rather nice relationship, so I suppose I'll be all right. That's a long story... but we can talk about it later.

I look forward to meeting this old friend of yours, even if his memory is like a leaky brocolli sieve that can only strain a few memories at a time; I've been criticized as being somewhat like that myself... *starting to ramble to himself, he rubs the back of his neck, cocks his head slightly to the side, and stares at Alice* You're quite brilliant as well, you know? The best kind, in my opinion- *freezes as Alice gets up, pat his back, and leaves with the airship coordinates. He manages to wave back with a friendly smile, but stays absolutely still, for minutes after she's gone, only coming to when a rather large spider unceremoniously drops on his head*

... Yes, I know you're there, and no, my head is not a nest. It's going to be black soon, not carrot, so you're not allowed to have any. Hah, look at me, talking to a -spider- of all things... Well, what do you think, spider? That I should have said something differently? Or tried to smile more? Or maybe, when she was talking about words not being enough... Are you listening to me? Oh, nevermind... *The spider seems to have gotten bored with Radek's hair, and quickly leaps off to some dark corner of the office, as he gets changed, smiling as he steps into his old clothes*

That was a nice suit, but it was getting damn chilly. And it's good to be back, heh. *Slipping his revolver into a pocket on the inside of his jacket, he steps outside into the high-noon sun peaking through the clouds and glinting off of his glasses, looking around for Alice, Eckstein, or even a sign of where they are, raising one eye to his forehead to deflect some of the glare*

Posted by Alice belladora, 4:47am, 26 May, 2009

*She stands, leaning on a balcony, watching the clouds pass far below. A great sense of inner peace passes over her. She plucks a small spider from the brim of her still slightly damp hat. She gets a prickly feeling at the back of her neck, and turns around to find Mr Radek.*

Ah, jolly good to see you attired in the appropriate dress of an adventurer once more. That suit was much too serious. Why, if we were all serious, we'd have to stop and think about our actions, and that wouldn't do at all.

*She walks over, gives him another hearty pat, and pulls him along to the front of the ship, where eckstein commands the vessel with expert ease. She gives him a playful push towards the railing, backs up, and gives it a test run.*

I think i can make it, old boy. Sorry! this darned captain speak tends to catch up on ya. Ha, ha... I promise i won't knock you over the edge... harggh?!

*Eckstein, tired of her antics, leaves his post, sighs, picks her up, and almost throws her the distance between the two ships. She lands with an inelegant grace, the jump being only about 3 meters.*

"Sorry, skinner. We can't have her using our gunmen for pole vaulting, can we? she'll be fine. Besides, you should be mopping the deck, not drinking tea and eating muffins, or whatever it is you two do. You do too much of it, that's for certain!"

*He disappears for a moment, and hands Mr Radek a mop, and a bucket of soapy water.*

"Get to work, boy. She'll be a while. We're not even out of dancancian territory yet. It'll take a while, and i'm sure we sustained some damage from that dog fight...."

*He returns to his captaining, or whichever, and slowly turns the rudder, whistling a strangely familiar tune...*
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