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Writing in the dust of dawn!

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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:52am, 1 May, 2009


Currently, I'm trying out this strange technological marvel - can you hear me? Ah, the future is so exciting!... That being said, I am currently in the process of *not* being eaten by a dragon. It seems to have found and attacked our airship, and is currently in the process of chewing up a great section of the aft bow- And, ah, no, I do not know which part of the bow that is.

It's good that you met the hawkish-creature I picked up, I'm sure the two of you are by now firm friends. And, if you aren't, well, I'm sure you can sell him for some extra coin. He won't mind, it's the fate of a pirate-d bird! You warned me quite well, although sadly nothing can help my own obfustication- Alice? Alice?!?!

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 4:00am, 1 May, 2009

Thank goodness you're all right! Er, minus yer can-shaped injury, and my worthless hawk. Curse this is inability to help!... I suppose all I can too is treasure these socks until next we meet. Should I find any holes, I'll be glad to sew them up, so they shall be snug and warm when next they find their way onto you!

But, don't let me distract you - those cans sound dangerous. Obviously, a trap left by someone who knows of our plans and is trying to stop us before we even figure out why anyone would want to stop us! Aaah, that's so complicated it made my head ache... Ah. About that dragon. In the confusion of trying to talk to you and wave the first mate's severed arm at it, I remembered to show it that odd silver-ish device you gave me earlier. At which it gave a toothy grin and mentioned something in a language I could not understand... and that was not in my big book of un-intelligeble languages! Curses! Well, at least everything's all right now...

And as it stands, the flaming ruins of the zeppelin have crashed outside a sign saying 'East to Golden Dragon Tavern'! What luck! Before I go, I shall just scavenge some food from the ruins- Er, perhaps not. I suppose this message arrived earlier than I thought, but not early enough. Hope you've found your way out of circles, and ever forward. Will save you a seat should I arrive soon!

P.S. Very glad for your advice. Value my stomach-al integrity!

Wishing you the best of luck and safe journeys as well as a delicious bird-meat dinner, Radek

Posted by Lettuce-Chan, 6:48am, 1 May, 2009

Dear Mr Radek,

Leticia speaking. (Lettuce-chan)

I hope you are well, and that your coat-tails are not too singed. (If indeed you wear coat-tails.)
We haven't spoken extensively, but i am an engineer, as you will remember.
My sky-ship is fixed as well as it will ever be, but the plumbing is still faulty, which i hope to sort out when i have time, and when I'm not picking up strange people called alice.

I was testing her out, flying over the Vaserkinnel fields, when i spotted a person far below. I peered through my telescope, and discovered my friend and fellow adventurer alice, wandering around and looking dazed and confused. Naturally, i hastened to pick her up.
She was covered in bite marks and had the shape of a can imprinted on her forehead, but I've been fixing her up, so not to worry. She had a bird with her, and it almost ripped my head off. It's in the engine-room now, in a sturdy cage. It seems wild and untamable.

Anyway, we'll be arriving at the tavern soon, within the next few days. I'm not allowed in certain parts of the sky. (Long story.)

Well, cheerio! I'll drop her off soon as possible, if we don't get caught by the sky-patrol!

Leticia, pilot and alice-saver~

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:33pm, 2 May, 2009


It's good to hear from you- as it stands I have bought a nice new suit from a down-on-his luck cotton candy vendor who assured me that the clothes he traded me were certainly worth my grandfathers ancestral pocket watch. It seems you've been quite busy with your own adventures, not to mention the dreaded demon known as 'faulty plumbing'. I suppose the old words of wisdom 'as long as she holds' apply...

Say what? It appears you were able to pick up Alice, most excellent! Ah, about the bird. By any chance did it seems to have behind it's torn-up feathers a hint of noble dignity..? If so, it's not the right bird, and you can set it free. If it's squawking and tearing up the ground, making a huge ruckus, please feel free to cook the foul thing. And do try to make Alice comfortable, it sounds as if her adventures have taken a turn for the rougher, although she's been prepared as always!

Hmn... It sounds as if the lights in the sky aren't too friendly to us adventurers now adays. You shall have to tell me that story, sometime. That being said, I wish the two of you the safest of voyages! Avoid the sky patrol, and run quiet! Given how close I am, I shall be booking a good table!


Posted by Alice belladora, 7:27am, 3 May, 2009

Dear mr Radek sir,

I feel it is important to let you know what's been happening. I'm sure you'll find it exiting!

My can-shaped injury is healing well, thanks to leticia's medicine. One spoonful and you'll never complain of a headache again.

I'm afraid we almost got caught by the sky patrol. I have no idea why they want Leticia's blood, but i didn't want to find out. I think it may have something to do with the theft of a sky-ship...

Anyway, not wanting to end up resembling mashed potato, I pressed the big red shiny button leticia instructed me on no accounts to touch. As soon as i pressed it, there was a deep rumbling from within the bowels of the ship. We sped off at record (and neck) breaking speed. We were flung backwards like a pancake in the hands of a hyperactive elephant.

I hit the wall, and slid down it in the manner of said pancake. Leticia was almost knocked out, but thankfully she's made of tougher stuff. She wears an eyepatch for no good reason!

The sky patrol certainly weren't expecting that! but the chase was on. It lasted almost half an hour, leticia performing an array of amazing stunts. One time, i hit the ceiling. Another, we did a series of inverted loops and barrel-rolls. You really must commend her for her skill at the rudder.

We made a crash landing over the mountain pass. I eventually found leticia among the smoking wreckage. She was swearing in a feeble voice.

Anyway, to make a long story short, leticia is staying behind to fix her ship, and I'm setting off once again! I'm sorry to say yet another few days have been added to our meeting at the tavern. I'm taking the bird. His name shall be arnold until i think of a better one. He's really not a bad old thing, all he needed was some firm talking-to. I'm sure his feathers will grow back, as will my eyebrows, and leticia's hair.

The weather is fine yet again, and i am rested and raring to go! L said i could take these rusty cogs with me.

See you at the tavern soon, i hope, if i don't get eaten by wild animals!

Alice, eyebrow-less yet still optimistic~
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Posted by Alice belladora, 8:30am, 3 May, 2009

Oh, i almost forgot...

P.S. When you arrive, tell the barman my name.You'll get free rooms, if he remembers me. He's the one with the huge beard, eyepatch, and big black boots. Called captain Eckstien. He was once a captain of a certain ship. Very secret. Don't let it get out.

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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 4:39pm, 3 May, 2009

Belle miss Belladora,

Not only do I find your stories exciting, I must admit it's become a relief to hear from you - not because I doubt your most amazing survival skills, but because it sometimes seem that the whole of the world exists to jam a wrench in our travels. Glad to hear you're recovering well, one can never underestimate the value of good medicine!

But can-shaped catastrophies pale in comparison to the chase you were just part of. This mysterious sky patrol seems to be everywhere- looking up at the sky now, I've seen several black and gunmetal grey ships, with gold-lined banners. Are these the same brigands that chased you?

Thank goodness Leticia is so capable behind the wheel- I do hope that her craft wasn't too damaged... As soon as it is sky-worthy again, we simply must use it to mount a raid against wherever and whomever these individuals come from!

Well, perhaps not right away. Information gathering is good, too.

I'm glad that you and 'Arnold' are getting along... Keep showing him whose boss! I look forward to seeing your eyebrow-less self

Radek 'R.A.S.'

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 4:43pm, 3 May, 2009


Speaking of rested and raring to go... I have finally returned from the small kingdom of Sansitil, where I was forced to take a census of all two hundred residents. However, my reward was quite excellent! I am now in possession of an automechanical bike, which I shall find a name for in due time. It seems to be quite fast, so I'm of half a mind to turn back and start looking for you, although I wouldn't know *where* to look.

Hrmn... Well, I suppose no matter how I slice it, you need to keep safe, avoid the wild animals, and keep track of those cogs. As for myself, it seems I'll be puttering along night-darkened roads until I reach the tavern.. But do take care, and keep me updated! I won't be able to rest well until I know you've arrived!

Posted by Alice belladora, 7:12am, 4 May, 2009

*A messenger arrives at the Golden dragon tavern. He looks a greasy and suspicious fellow, with a toothy yellow grin that would frighten a vampire, and a trenchcoat that has not been cleaned in over 500 years. He pulls a letter from his mouldy pocket and asks for a mr Radek..*

Dear mr radek,

It's nice to know you've aquired a mode of transport so easily. The same cannot, unfortunately, be said for me. Our adventure has taken an exiting turn, and i hope you will read over a pint of fine ale. Tell Eckstein It's on me. He knows i'll pay up, even if it takes 6 months!


I emerged, eventually, from the woods, having followed the river. I stood, at the edge of a waterfall, the vaserkinnel feilds i found myself stranded in before unfolding before me. Well, they would have if i had not fallen 600 feet of the edge in my haste to get out of there. Exotic bugs can be a great problem in the woods. Ick.

I landed in a large expanse of water, with an almighty crash.

The locals came and pulled me out, shivering and mumbling. They dried me off, fed me,
and gave me a bottle of murky liquid and a key. Odd folk, but you can't doubt their integrity.

I followed the map they gave me out of the woods hugging the mountain, where their village lies, and walked a long way across the Fields.

I camped beneath the stars. It reminded me of my astronomy tower, but i know it is in the safe, furry hands of miss mufflethwait, my house keeper.

I walked to vaserkyne the next day, and caught a Skyship at the City's Sky-way. Very nice place. It has an enormous library. They don't call it city of knowledge for nothing!

I had to travel in a cargo ship, having no money whatsoever. It's alright, if you don't mind being tossed like a salad in the hands of an exitable chef.

I spent an uncomfortable few hours amongst boxes and barrels, being thumped from behind and above and everywhere, when i heard an almighty crash from above. Pirates!
I won't go into details, as that would take a great deal of time and several more letters. But let's just say i ended up being thrown off the edge of the viewing deck. I would have surely died if it were not for Captain Eckhartd (Captain Eckstien's close relative) catching me! He had been sent by leticia, who knew where i was going, to keep an eye on me. She has a wonderful communications device, which fortunately survived the crash. To make a long story very short, We're picking you up soon, and moving onward to adventure! The captain shot down those nasty pirate ships, and if any more decide to make trouble, well, they're going down too. She's a fine ship, and you'd be very welcome. The plumbing is absolutely faultless.

See you soon!


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Posted by Alice belladora, 7:53am, 4 May, 2009


The brigands you saw were most definitely the ones who attacked us.
Of course, It's better than having the entire fleet on your tail.
Leticia can tell you about that, as can i.

P.P.S My eyebrows haven't grown back yet,

Alice, eyebrowless adventurer~

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:36pm, 4 May, 2009

*A rather ungainly brown-paper wrapped package, taped over with all sorts of adhesives, and held together with so much string that it looks as if it could actually be a giant knot arrives on board; with it is a plain white letter stamped with an unremarkable seal.*

Belle miss Belladora,

Thanks for your message! The messanger you managed to employ was one hell of a character, we enjoyed a few games of darts and told tall stories before he complimented me on my motor-bike and we went our separate ways. I've arrived at the Golden Dragon, and it's accomodations have been mostly perfect to my liking, with the help of the good Captain; Mr. Eckstein's done his best, but more on that later.

Gasp! A chance to talk with a forest-dwelling people and study miraculously rare insects! It sounds like you've been busy indeed.. Although I'm beginning to be worried at this habit of landing in adventures that end with you being tossed around like a ragdoll or physically bruised in some way. What would Leticia or Mrs. Mufflethwait say? You must keep up your good health!

Hmn, I must say I'm almost distrusting of the whole sky-ship experience by now, but if it's led by a captainly relative of the good captain, then how can things go wrong?

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:43pm, 4 May, 2009

As for myself, I spent my first couple of nights here in complete peace; the atmosphere is great, plenty of rough and tumble types who don't mind the occasional friendly brawl, mixed with just the right amount of chaos, and I'm one happy traveler. Plus, the lemon bourbon is to die for.

Unfortunately, an assassin has been looking for me for some days now- or rather, looking for someone who resembles me. I'm fairly certain he's not actually out to kill me, but you know those professional killer types- always jumping to conclusions! Captain Eckstein has moved me to the roof, which means I also have been sleeping facing the stars... It's done me a lot of good, and the time to reflect has been... Helpful, to say the least. The stars are beautiful, aren't they?

Haha, ignore my rambling. The package I've sent you contains some of the best preservable food from the tavern, to keep your spirits up while you're traveling, and a musty book of poetry that I conveniently 'borrowed' from another passed out patron. I hope you find both fine, and more importantly, look forward to seeing you!

I've lit a small, easily-containable bonfire on the roof, so that you'll be able to see me when you should arrive. Hoping all is well,

Radek 'R.A.S.'

P.S. I'm of the mind that your eyebrowless self would be rather cute, in a pyrokinetic sort of way!

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