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Writing in the dust of dawn!

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Posted by Alice belladora, 1:51pm, 26 Apr, 2009

Oh, my! here, have a plaster.

They were lovely spoons, you know.
Please join our quest to find said missing spoons. I shouldn't like to think what we're going to use for the sugar...
My reputation for excellent tea is quickly going down Leticia's faulty plumbing. (You don't want to know any more, honestly.)

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 8:23pm, 26 Apr, 2009

*taps his finger thoughtfully on the side of the teacup, staring off into the distance*

It was hardly written about your teaspoons alone, Alice, no matter how marvelous they may be... Was it? *Smiles brightly* But it was a most wonderful poem indeed. If it's morbid, then I suppose I have a taste for the morbid. After all... Well, perhaps memory is enough to stir the unfeeling soul, or so I would hope. Bitter blue glass eyes deserve to flash a smile now and again.

*Sips tea* Mmn, delicately flavored... Oolong and pencil-wood? There's some other flavor I must be missing... Ah, but yes! Let's gauze you right up, so your trigger-finger shall be bright and ready for our glorious adventure!

And despite my curiousity about everything in the world, I'm wise enough to know not ask anymore when the words faulty and plumbing are used in the same sentence.

Posted by Alice belladora, 11:50am, 27 Apr, 2009

Faulty plumbing... yes, quite. I think no more said about that the better.

On the subject of my poetry... i suppose i admit it wasn't written entirely with my poor darling spoons in mind. But, as a person's secrets aren't really secrets if more than two people know them, i think it is best if the true meaning is left to speculation.

I shall start packing for said adventure. *Looks around room* hmm, this could take a while...

By the way, how did you know i have a gun? *raises eyebrow and sips tea*
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:25pm, 27 Apr, 2009

Secrets are secrets; perhaps some day, we can trade a few, regardless of how much I'd like to know what's going through your mind right now... But, idle speculation has a way of clearing the mind for the future. And speaking of the future..!

Yes, let's get ready right now! Ah, yes.. Take your time to find whatever you need, hmn? I understand if - *Looks around room as well* - it takes awhile, eheh. As for me, I shall take the fine clothes on my back, this book of unknown foreign language, the pencil I used to stir my tea, and this old lantern!

Hmn.. My respect for you just seems to keep increasing, Miss Alice. Might I say that you seem more ready for adventure than myself? *Smiles enigmatically* I wouldn't mind practicing marksmanship with you sometime, although the last firearm I possessed was stolen by half-demon half-penguin monstrosities.

Posted by Alice belladora, 6:50am, 28 Apr, 2009

Half-demon half-penguin monstrosities? my!

I simply can't imagine how you get yourself into these situations, Mr Radek.
You'll have to tell me the tale over a flagon of fine ale, i insist.

I shall be done packing soon, if i can only find those nice pair of socks i left down here last month...
clean socks are a staple of adventurers everywhere, and if it should come to it, i will lend you as many of mine as i can spare.

*book falls on head*


Posted by Alice belladora, 7:44am, 28 Apr, 2009

Ah, finished. I found the sock beneath a broken grandfather clock. (Don't ask) I've got my violin, a pocketful of maps, diagrams and so on, which may prove useful. I also have my trusty silver pistol, and my golden pocketwatch, and a ladle. I might sound like a lot, but i have a lot of hidden pockets.

I feel we should part ways at the beginning of our quest, good sir, and meet up at the Golden Dragon tavern. I trust you know where it is, but if you don't, here's a map. I'm sure you'll be able to read through the tea stains! I'll be waiting there, with fine ale and tales of bravery and pirates!

If you find yourself being eaten by a dragon on your way here, show it this. *gives mysterious silver device*

Fare ye well! looks like fine weather! *departs extravegantly*
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 4:15pm, 28 Apr, 2009

Ah, you don't have to call me Mr; I've hardly been a good guest so far, drinking all of your tea... and I'm tempted to borrow some of your most lovely stripey socks, but I fear that my feet might be a tad too wide for them. Trench warfare and ice skating and all that excitement has conformed them to a rather boot-ish shape. Bootlike?

Stories over ale sounds like an excellent start to an excellent adventure! Although perhaps, our adventures have already started? There's only one way to find out, isn't there- Be careful! *Lunges over to knock books away, rather ineffectively*

Hmn. It appears you tried to absorb knowledge directly into your brain. Are you all right?

Posted by Sacrificialamber, 4:20pm, 28 Apr, 2009

Hmn, that is an impressive inventory - as for where you find your socks, it's no business of mine... Privately, if I may be so bold? I rather like this sort of chaos. To me, it shows that a place is lived in, and loved... And the story of how something as simple yet necessary as a sock ends up beneath an aged clock is an adventure in and of itself.

*Takes mysterious silver device, places in odd brown sack* It looks like it could be useful. Er, whatever it is. It's a tragedy that we must part ways at the very beginning of our journey, but I know our paths will cross before too long. Especially now that you've been kind enough to give me a map, haha! I cannot wait to listen to your tales there- take care, and if you find yourself in danger, I'll help, somehow. Even if I'm miles off track and apart.

I shall see you there soon, I hope, and take care!

Posted by Alice belladora, 3:57am, 29 Apr, 2009

Thank you, good sir. I'll need all the help i had get. Not soon after setting of, with the wind in my hair and a need for wandering about my feet, i met some unruly fellows. I wasn't really listening, what with trying not to die and all, and in consequence i can't really be sure what they said to me, but i'm sure it was something unpleasant like "your money or your life!"

Naturally i declined, and i believe i said something like "no thanks, i don't want any mugging today. Thank you" I may have been a tad out of sorts, because the ringleader said to me "Oi! you can't say you don't want to be mugged!" I said "why not?" he said "Tradition, i suppose."

I then realised i did not ache for merry banter, and hit him about the head with a pair of socks.
It only startled him, but he knew i meant business. Not keen to get into a fight, i then, if you can excuse my french, scarpered.

I ran over a hill, but they followed. I had them on my tail (coat tails) for almost half an hour.

So i may be a tad late arriving at said Golden dragon Inn. If you arrive before me, simply tell me (on here for i have one of those newfangled bits of technology that bamboozle me so completely) And i will do my best to arrive within the next few days. I'm in the middle of a large field at the moment, wandering how the blinkin' eck i got there.

~Alice, frayed and desmayed traveller.
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Posted by Sacrificialamber, 3:15am, 30 Apr, 2009

*A message arrives by hawk! Inexplicably, the hawk is missing half of it's left wing, and has an eyepatch.*

Dear Alice,

Enclosed on the leg of this messenger hawk you will find this message. Hm, guess I didn't really need to say that, given that if you searched the hawk you already found this message... and if you aren't Alice, please send this hawk on his merry way. Unharmed, preferably. Hawk does not taste like chicken.

Oh, right! Alice! You may have noticed that I have not arrived at the Golden Dragon inn quite yet. That is because, well, frankly... I'm a bit lost. In fact, very lost. In point of fact, extremely lost. I ended up trading the most excellent map you gave me to a pack of pirates. For this hawk, who is in fact, a pirate hawk. At the time it seemed like an excellent deal. Curse my sudden impulse purchases! Ignoring the jeers and pirate laughter (which is far more mean and disheartening than normal cruel laughter; this marks yet another time that pirates have foiled my plans), I decided to continue on my now-problematic quest. Er, does it even count as a quest if I don't know where I am? Hrmn...

I finally found myself on a rather lovely hill. The view of the clouds was outstanding, and melancholy all the same time. More melancholy than the passing of time though, was a group of thoroughly beaten-looking brigands. One of them had what looked to unmistakably be sock-wounds on his forehead! Naturally, I thought of you, and the thought of yourself in danger filled me with a righteous rage!...

However, having no implement to attack, I was soundly thrashed. I think the ruffians felt sorry for me, though, as they only took my boots. Ah, anyway! The point of all this is that I'll probably be a bit behind you. Perhaps very behind you. Never fear though! I hitched a ride on a passing zeppelin, and am assured it is a quite safe mode of transport! I'm passing a field as we speak now; I can barely make out a person far, far below. How strange this must seem! Well, please keep the hawk- I've received a strange, piece of technology from one of the engineers that should allow easier communication. The bird is quite tame, and even friendly- he only tried to gouge out my eyes once!

Say, is that... Nevermind. Must be hallucinating, due to lack of sleep.

Cordially yours,
Radek 'R.A.S'

P.S. Do forgive me if my next letter is delayed a day or two- I have yet to master this device fully, and strange businesses call. That's why this one is extra-meaty, and full of Excitement! (And do feel free to redirect me if I am missing something obvious - when I say lack of sleep, I worry I am hallucinating. But it's all right, as they seem to be benign hallucinations!)

P.S.S. You wouldn't happen to be in a large field at the moment, would you..?!

P.S.S.S. I recently found a pair of (used?) orange and creme colored socks. Given that I've been barefoot, I took them. However, I can't help but feel as if I've seen them before...

Posted by Alice belladora, 7:35am, 30 Apr, 2009

I'm sorry for the short message, and i thank you for writing, but i must keep my eyes peeled for the dangers that lurk in the open spaces.

I was walking along, when i spied a bird-shaped shadow against the sun. It turned out to be an unusual-looking hawk. It pecked me almost to death when i tried to untie the chunky message attached.

I am glad you haven't been eaten by dragons, and I'm sorry you had to deal with those pirates. I did warn you against them, didn't i?

Those socks you found were definitely mine, and- AAARGH!??
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Posted by Alice belladora, 7:54am, 30 Apr, 2009

Dear mr radek, I'm sorry my other message cut off so suddenly. You see, it tripped over a carelessly discarded can, and knocked myself out for a few minutes. I awoke to find the hawk pecking my comatose head, but i think I'm alright now.

As i was saying, those socks you found were definitely mine, and if you could give them back when we meet again, I'd be most obliged. Ta.

Again, thank you for the letter. The hawk is drinking me out of house and home (pirate birds love rum) and i will keep myself alert for other can-shaped dangers.

It was probably me you saw from the zeppelin, and as you are traveling at such high and lofty speeds, you are probably far in front of me. But not to worry.

In a few days i will keep you informed of my progress. I see now that i may have been walking in large, continuous circles.

P.S. Don't eat anything on the zeppelin, unless you want to throw up all night.

Speaking from unfortunate experience, Alice~
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