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This is a Test (If it works new fanart will be here)

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This is a Test (If it works new fanart will be here)

Posted by vega777, 9:30am, 16 Sep, 2008

I'm going to test on this new thread to see if I can put pictures from photobucket onto a discussion thread.
If it doesn't I'll probabbly put a link to my deviantart account or something.

Posted by vega777, 9:49am, 16 Sep, 2008


Posted by vega777, 9:50am, 16 Sep, 2008

Posted by vega777, 9:52am, 16 Sep, 2008

Could someone try copying & pasting that link?

Posted by Egocentric, 12:19pm, 16 Sep, 2008

Done! The second link worked for me.

Posted by vega777, 8:30pm, 16 Sep, 2008

Sweet! I should have some new works posted here pretty soon then.
If anyone has an idea of what they want me to draw I'll take requests.
Or maybe a mini comic about the characters waiting fot Jasonblue....

Posted by Egocentric, 4:50am, 17 Sep, 2008

A mini comic sounds like fun. Or maybe something of some character you haven't drawn, like the Sheriff, or Rebecca.

Posted by vega777, 3:16pm, 17 Sep, 2008

The sheriff might be fun to try....

Posted by Violetlin, 11:31am, 18 Sep, 2008

Say, why don't you draw crystal's parents and the rest of her family? Her aunty angerona gorgonzola with purple hair and tentacles... Her second cousin three times removed with long black hair and green skin... and antenna. Her great grandma belladonna gorgonzola, most ancient and evil... bah. I could go on all day.

Posted by FFWF, 12:22pm, 19 Sep, 2008

If you're taking requests, I suggest alternative character costumes. Oh, or Hatchet-paws!

Posted by vega777, 4:36pm, 20 Sep, 2008

I'm sorry about the wait, but I went to a christian confrence. I should have something(s) up by this next week.

Posted by vega777, 7:38pm, 30 Sep, 2008

Sorry for the late post, but one of my teachers suprised me with an essay over the weekend so this is all I could get done.
It's Crystal, age 18.

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