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Still at work

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Still at work

Posted by jasonblue, 10:57am, 3 Jul, 2008

Hi all

It's been a while since I gave an update, so I guess I owe it to ya. I'm still working on the new version. It's a total rewrite of the code and it's going to be awesome. Unfortunately my time to work on it is limited. I have another project in the works which happens to be funded, so I have some real-world obligations to my investors that have to take top priority (more on that later, I know some of you will love it).

So here's some information about what the next version of Spider Cliff will have/do:
Phase 1 will feature improved animation, setting, mise en scene, etc. Also, things you won't see, specifically making it quicker and easier for me to make these things.
Phase 2 will be launched later and will enable language translations.

I still don't have a time-frame for these things, but I can't continue the story until phase 1 is done, the code is too old to work with now.

Posted by Egocentric, 11:35am, 3 Jul, 2008

New project? Sounds interesting, I am looking forward to hear more.

Since most of us have been waiting for quite long now, I am sure we won't mind waiting some time more. I know I am fine with you taking the time you need.

Oh, and if you need some help with the translations, I'd be happy to help with the Swedish one, when that time comes.

Posted by smjjames, 11:53am, 3 Jul, 2008

I see why there haven't been any new chapters.

Anyways, could you give some sort of percentage on how far phase one is finished? It should at least give us some idea how much is done so far. I hope it's over 50% complete....

Also what do you mean by mise en scene?
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Posted by evanescence123, 1:55pm, 3 Jul, 2008

This is great news! I don't really mind waiting now and this new project sounds interesting...

Posted by ralphmerridew, 2:10pm, 3 Jul, 2008

Good to hear that you're at work on it again.

Posted by calvinhobbes, 3:02pm, 3 Jul, 2008

Excellent news. And I want to thank you for giving us an update. It lets us know that we aren't crazy to be sitting here waiting.

I hope everything goes well with your other projects, and with rewriting Spider Cliff. Just please don't forget about us. :)

Posted by FFWF, 4:06am, 4 Jul, 2008

Thanks for the information; that's all great. You know we appreciate all your hard work.

Posted by calvinhobbes, 8:09am, 8 Jul, 2008

Not to seem rude or demanding, but is there any way that you could tell us about how far along with Phase 1 you are? I'm not asking for a timeline or a date, just a general idea of how much progress you've made.


Posted by murtagh22, 5:07pm, 9 Jul, 2008

It's great to hear that you remember us! I can't wait until you're done!
But a idea of progress is good, too. . .


Posted by mellymoemoes, 6:08pm, 22 Oct, 2010

How long is all this going to take?


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