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The case of the camera obscura

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The case of the camera obscura

Posted by Rain, 10:59am, 9 Jan, 2008

Obscura means dark in latin, also camera means room in latin. "The case of the dark room" odd. Also, the story hasn't got much to do with cameras, unless i'm very much mistaken. I just thought i should point it out, because the camera obscura was an optical device, used for drawing. Annabelle uses ordinary old-fashioned cameras. Maybe it means something symbolic. Like everyone is "in the dark" about the whole episode. I dunno.

Posted by FFWF, 12:41pm, 9 Jan, 2008

The starting point of the story was perhaps more on the theft of the camera film than on the decanter. If you take it non-literally, the camera obscured the really significant crime of the story - and in fact, Alex and Annabelle used another camera to obscure their own theft of the film from the first camera. Eliza did use a literal camera obscure to map out Spider Cliff's buildings, though, which if I recall correctly helped her get to the treasure "first."

Posted by giantpandared, 12:29am, 10 Jan, 2008

wow the name of the chapter has many more meanings than i realised. the dark room where film used to be developed, the optical device and the plot of the camera being obscured. Either jason puts alot of thought into the names of the chapters or it is a big coincidence.

Posted by Rain, 7:05am, 10 Jan, 2008

Maybe we should look into the other titles a bit more. Jason blue, you are a genius.


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