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Scheduling of stories

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Scheduling of stories

Posted by ralphmerridew, 5:12pm, 24 Dec, 2007

I was wondering about how long occurs between the various stories

Story 2 starts the day after story 1, and story 3 starts "a few days later" (s3 c1).

AFAICT, there's no clear interval between 3 & 4, though it's long enough for Crystal to get somewhat settled, and story 4 starts on a Tuesday.

Story 5 is probably within a few days of story 4 (still moving in).
The sheriff is knocked out in S5 C25, and in S6C7, he says he woke up "three days later", and has only missed six days of work in his 30 year career.

S6 C3 is when Alex starts wearing a tie.

S6 C6 mentions that the moon must be in the right phase for the oracle to appear, so a round number of months pass between S6 and S8.

Long enough passed between S6 and S7 for Alex & Annabelle to find the treasure, but not too much time passed between S7 and S8, Less than a years passes between S1 and S8, as this is Crystal's first fogtide.

Also, S6c4 mentions that Vedalia was the demon hunter 5 years ago, that Eliza is under 25, and Crystal is 28.


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