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theorys on the current story?

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theorys on the current story?

Posted by smjjames, 3:44pm, 10 Sep, 2007

I know the story is stalled as it is and most ideas have been suggested already, but I just thought we'd have a bit of fun here.

Post your idea as to what the solution to this story could possibly be, even if its something as far out as some sentient creatures, following the idea of the semi-sentient plants and the fact that the paper mammals have the same potential mental capacity as humans. All paper mammals may be smart, but we don't know for sure. So, if the plants had somehow been given intelligence (although their behavior in that chapter they were in seemed more like enhanced instinctual behavior), why not have something else be given that trait?

I know its pretty well out there, but as I was saying, the theories/ideas can be way out there to completely on the story. So, nearly anything goes.

Posted by jasonblue, 9:50pm, 11 Sep, 2007

OMG, you guessed it right! It IS Angelina Jolie!

Posted by smjjames, 7:10pm, 13 Sep, 2007

argh, dumb spam bots! :P can I make a new thread for this? I made it to help things get going again, but spambot messages are not included in the theories, lol.

Unless theres going to be new clues soon enough that any theories right now are mostly irrelevant, except for the one that is correct of course.
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