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Spider Cliff romances

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Posted by meserene, 11:19pm, 16 Feb, 2006

Whoaaa, deep. Well, too deep for me in any case.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:00am, 17 Feb, 2006

I'm not just another pretty face, you know. ;)

Posted by imp, 2:49pm, 24 Feb, 2006

"Remember the matrimonials" . . . yeah, remember what happened to the one that was intended for Barlow.

As far as romance and love are concerned, it's a difficult subject. Barlow and Crystal are combined in crisis, and that is when two people are most likely to fall in love. Barriers drop. Honest opinions are expressed and appreciated. It is the times of complacency, and internal conflict that comes from it, that destroy relationships.

Since these two are repeatedly combined in crisis, I'd say their relationship is actually moving pretty slow.

Posted by athena54, 7:54pm, 15 Mar, 2006

WOW, venusEnvy! That was one heck of an indepth analysis. I believe that you are right imp, crisis are causing a repeated slowness in the the Barlow and Crystal relationship.
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omg didnt even realise ther was a forum!

Posted by Rock_On_Rock_Out, 3:51pm, 7 Jul, 2006

yo thar, omg since wen has ther bin a forum? lmso, o well ^_^
omg evry1 prob thinks the same lyk, but crystal n barlow need to get it together! also, barlow needs to change his clothes,most of the other ppl seem 2 hav :D
that green jumper aint doin nout for him ^_~

Posted by Angelblade, 12:00am, 21 Jul, 2006

Try to not talk in chatspeak next time. It hurts me eyes.

Posted by rubyj, 11:27am, 21 Jul, 2006

Lol.......ooops sorry hehe.

Posted by Ghost41, 6:09pm, 1 Aug, 2006

Hmmmm, well as stated many times above the B+C thing seems to be going steady. In my opinion it will only be officially official at the end of the comic should it end. Thus there being a happy ending.

Poor Alex the local "closet" necrophile. ;P
As for Annabelle maybe it the brains keeping her from rotting, it has done other things.

The relationship between Sheriff and Rebecca is shakey as seen in the latest chapter with the mysterious lady in the woods. Oh and they do both meet weekly to play Scatter tyles I think.

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