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Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 5:21pm, 28 Jan, 2006

Crystal has shown signs since the first chapter!!!!

Posted by desichild, 1:32am, 29 Jan, 2006


Posted by Mayara, 11:44am, 29 Jan, 2006

Jason said 'remember the matrimonials'.... Just because of the whole matrimonial scheme, doesn't mean that maybe, just MAYBE, Barlow's matrimonials were going to be like that anyway. -shrugs- I'll probably get flamed like hell for that, but Jasonblue said that, so. It's just my speculation. it doesn't really help that I'm a yaoi fan, does it? o_o

Posted by Rognik, 5:37pm, 29 Jan, 2006

... I'm not going to touch that and just move along...

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 8:57pm, 6 Feb, 2006

if barlow was gay, who on earth would he hook up with? alex has proven himself to not be interested in men, and there's the sheriff but...ew. we already have enough stupid stereotypes about gayness and old creepy guys molesting little boys in our society, no?

Posted by meserene, 10:09pm, 6 Feb, 2006

Can we assume Crystal and Barlow are intended for each other? It's pretty apparent, and I don't think jason would be so deceptive as to have Barlow date Annabelle or Alex and the Sherriff or any other such nonsense. Not that being gay is nonsense at all! It's just that the chapters are pointing to clear couples, no suprises.

Posted by Deverien, 10:13pm, 6 Feb, 2006

It's obvious that Barlow and Crystal are being paired up. The question is whether or not this will result in tragedy. Barlow had a hallucination that said if he fell in love with Crystal, he'd have to kill her. And we know just how perceptive his subconscious can be...

Posted by Mayara, 7:10pm, 14 Feb, 2006

I was just replying to what Jasonblue said, interpreting it. And about who would he be with, well, who knows. Turnip?
XD Just kidding!
B+C is awesome.
And, Rognik, if you have a problem with gay people then tell me, because I AM one.

Posted by Deverien, 10:03pm, 14 Feb, 2006

I think he was more concerned that you were steering the topic toward yaoi.

Posted by smjjames, 10:04am, 15 Feb, 2006

whatever yaoi is anyway.....

Posted by Deverien, 10:36am, 15 Feb, 2006

If you don't know, you probably don't want to know.

Posted by venusEnvy, 2:53pm, 15 Feb, 2006

In order for any protagonist to grow, they must first look inside themselves. It has been well established by jasonblue that Barlow is focused on the external world more than the internal, and is what most would call a "late bloomer". I would call Barlow a steadfast character, with Crystal being his impact character. They both wanted change, though Crystal was looking for a way to remake her inner self, and in order to do that needed to go somewhere new. Now they are both distracted by being placed in a situation they have little to no control over, and in effect have to tackle different things than they originally planned. So by forcing Barlow to see himself and the world in other ways than he has already (even though he has gotten them mostly right), what jasonblue did was to shake up Barlow's sense of self. Crystal is a major component of this, and I see her having to make internal adjustments as well. Being female and therefore superior (*wink!*), I mean, being more mature, intuitive and inclined toward holistic thinking and interpretation, Crystal will sooner perceive what Barlow needs in order to be the man he will eventually become.

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