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Spider Cliff romances

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Posted by featheredkitten, 6:59pm, 20 Jan, 2006

Well if you forget for a second that she's a zombie, and think that she's just a blue lady it's not THAT gross :S

Posted by smjjames, 7:21pm, 20 Jan, 2006

true :)

Posted by Deverien, 9:03pm, 20 Jan, 2006

On the plus side, she has great hair.


Posted by meserene, 10:56pm, 20 Jan, 2006

You know, that must've been Alex's first kiss. He's never really been around girls before and he falls for the second evil one he sees. They get along so well... One of them may be undead, but you know this has 'romantic comedy' written all over it.

I'm getting simultaneously excited and scared with Barlow and Crystal. I'm excited because they're perfect for each other, in a way. But I'm scared because what if they mess things up? What would they even do for a date? And there will never be any big romantic moments in the comic strip because the animation doesn't work like that. Second-hand isn't so bad, I guess. I'm such a sap, I really get mushy over poth these pairs!

Posted by jasonblue, 11:10pm, 20 Jan, 2006

Never any big romantic moments? Nay! Not due to any limitations in the animation. All the characters are anatomically-correct, I say.

Posted by smjjames, 11:29pm, 20 Jan, 2006

I know the characters are anatomically correct (although I'd imagine a demon to have a different set of organs, but we don't need to go there), I think meserene meant as far as the animation goes, but heh :)

Posted by meserene, 7:39am, 21 Jan, 2006

I didn't mean to offend the animation. I just assumed since they move the same ways repeatedly in every chapter it was really formulaic and that they couldn't, you know, hug or anything while on camera. Please prove me wrong. ; )

Posted by rora123, 7:53pm, 21 Jan, 2006

will annabelle and alex kiss and make up?...bc in the last chapter he thought she wanted the film bc he figured she wanted to cover up her mistake but...she just wanted to protect him

Posted by Hellfire, 4:10pm, 23 Jan, 2006

I wanna know whats gonna happen with Crystal and Barlow cause i've just been doing the wednesday that wasn't again and it's hinted at that they slept together!

Posted by meserene, 8:54pm, 23 Jan, 2006

No, really?!

Posted by meserene, 10:47pm, 23 Jan, 2006

Hellfire, I'm sorry I snapped at your post. It wasn't really justified and I'm sure others share the sentiment. But your grammar is poor and you kind of repeated an opinion previously posted so I'm keeping my post up. (I'm not very serene at times, eh?)

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 6:13pm, 26 Jan, 2006

crystal came closer to admitting her feelings for barlow than she has in a long time this past chapter. b+c has kinda been pushed out of the way this episode with a+a. but i don't mind i guess. alex is so adorable when he tries to hide his passion for annabelle xD

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