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Posted by paper_dolls, 8:37pm, 11 Dec, 2005

As a big hopeless romantic that tends towards traditional pairings, I'd like to note that I'm getting a much bigger vibe from Alex and Annabelle with their spending so much time together, and getting so frustrated with each other, than I'm getting from Bartlow and Crystal.

But B+C are cute, too... ^-^

Looking forward to more development!!!!

And if Annabelle does prove "stable" (AKA not decaying), I think there shouldn't be too much problem - other than Alex's utter hatred of all things "evil", of course... VEG

Hum... Wonder what he'd think of me? VEG ^-~

(FYI for those that don't know: VEG means Very Evil Grin.)

Posted by Rognik, 5:44am, 17 Dec, 2005

Turnip is definitely not marrying anyone. And Eliza seems to be absorbed in her work for now. It might be appropriate for Barlow and Eliza to marry, but that would leave Crystal out of the loop.

As for marriage rituals, we know that absolutely nothing else is run as it is in average society. They probably have some naturalistic wedding ritual involving trees and flowers, maybe some dance around a maypole. Or we could have the judge preside over the ceremony. It takes care of that marriage license quite nicely, too. :p

Posted by lruiyin, 5:00am, 27 Dec, 2005

So long as alex get together with Annabelle, who cares about rotting zombies and all? Love conquers all.

I'm a bit more worried about Crystal and Barrow though... ...

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 11:54am, 27 Dec, 2005

alex and annabelle will definitely get together first, because the whole time b+c have had something, but its just one or two hints of them liking each other per episode. a+a won't be together for a while, because there was only a hint of something near the end of ep 5, and only something definite in ep 7. but B+C is like the ongoing romance that will keep on torturing readers with getting so close to a romance, and then nothing for like 10 chaps, or a fight (kind of like ron and hermione). A+A will happen more quickly (like harry and ginny).

Posted by lruiyin, 5:22am, 7 Jan, 2006

i hope so :)

Posted by Hellfire, 1:36pm, 13 Jan, 2006

Definately Barlow and Crystal cause there's hints about them in every chapter so far, and the others are always telling them to stop flirting etc!

Alex and Annabelle are quite a sweet couple i think, cause he doesn't understand how he can like a zombie so much. And they are spending an awful lot of time together even if they do end up fighting occasionally.

Posted by lruiyin, 4:25am, 19 Jan, 2006

Alex and Annabelle kissed first... O_O
Some ppl got it bulleye.

Posted by i8hack, 6:55am, 19 Jan, 2006

Yes, they were the first confirmed kiss, but in the Wednesday That Wasn't it was hinted that Barlow and Crystal spent a night in the same bed together. And Annabelle said that Crystal didn't want to remember what happened that night.

Posted by desichild, 3:40pm, 19 Jan, 2006

hahaha....i loved the wed that wasn't, i think it's my fav story just for that...

and you KNOW barlow and crystal is going to be this looooong drawn out affair of unsureness etc....but actually i think that's cuter.

Posted by lruiyin, 8:45pm, 19 Jan, 2006

nah... Alex and annabelle is nicer to anticipate.

Posted by pockycrusader, 3:18am, 20 Jan, 2006

So... wait, Alex kissed a zombie? I wonder if he's having conflicting issues between his hatred of zombies, demons, etc and his feelings for Annabelle, and that's why he's been such a jerk lately.

But still... zombie lips, ew.

Posted by smjjames, 11:19am, 20 Jan, 2006

yea, I did go eew when I saw that, but I laughed with that too because it was just wierd plus I don't think it was a full on sexual/sensual type kiss. it was probably more of a quick 'I love you' kiss.... but even if it was that, eew.. cause you know, zombie, rotting lips, slime, eew lol grossed myself out with that. even though she is not a decayed zombie... you know...

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