The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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If I was to make some *real* things...

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Posted by meserene, 10:20am, 12 Feb, 2006

I'm up for the simple poster. I'd like one of those. And maybe a mug with references to Barlow's perpetual drugging. What is it, four or five times now?

Posted by smjjames, 11:28am, 14 Feb, 2006

the branch in the coffee that was in there this story wasn't intended for him and while he noticed the strange taste, it didn't affect him as he has no witchy powers like Rebecca does.

Posted by jackiekitten, 1:45pm, 27 Aug, 2006

I like the idea of coffee mugs and stickers. Those shouldn't be too pricey. I'm all for you getting some profit though, you spend a lot of time on this.

Posted by Kiriai, 1:08am, 1 Sep, 2006

Ties for suits could work for the guys. Some people like those fancy ties.

A series of key chains with a figure of each of the cast could be good too.

A final suggestion could be holograms. A little more work, but definantly a unique product.

Other random, odd ideas:
Shower Curtin
Book Cover
Jello Molds
A real reference coffee table book about the history of spider cliff
Halloween costume
bumper sticker or car decal

Posted by Angelblade, 1:17am, 1 Sep, 2006

Ooh, stickers. I'd get those.

Posted by mackenzie, 4:24pm, 29 Jun, 2007


Posted by evanescence123, 1:54pm, 18 Jun, 2008

You could have a t-shirt with Crystal on it saying these eyes could turn you to stone you know!!

That would be funny

Or alex with his hands in the air" the invasion has begun"

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