The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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If I was to make some *real* things...

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Posted by Bloody_ducks, 1:24am, 7 Oct, 2005

I think a poster with the whole cast would be fun to have.

Posted by vega777, 3:21pm, 7 Oct, 2005 ornaments would be cool...

Posted by dalben, 1:32pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Actually, those bookmarks (currently sold out) would come in really handy for me. I know they're the cheapest thing listed, but for me they'd be the most valuable.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 10:33pm, 12 Oct, 2005

As for the mention of a deck of cards, I can see it now:

Queen-A variation of Crystal, Annabelle, Rebecca, and Eliza
King-A variation of Barlow, Alex, the Sherrif, and Turnip
Jack-Not sure on this one, but something funny nonetheless
Joker-The Purple Chickaree
Number Cards-Normal, but cool looking somehow.

Posted by Kortren, 11:21pm, 17 Oct, 2005

I've thought up a list of images for a novelty Spider Cliff Tarot deck. I think it would be fairly easy to make a game out of them or incorporate the deck to a board game:

The Fool: Purple Chickaree
The Magician: Barlow
The High Priestess: Crystal
The Empress: Rebecca
The Emperor: Sheriff
The Hierophant: Alex
The Lovers: Matrimonials
The Chariot: The bridge
Strength: Turnip (with a bunch of paper mammals behind?)
The Hermit: Eliza
Wheel of Fortune: "Keepers of the Secret" photograph
Justice: Madame Turing
The Hanged Man: Barlow during the final stages of the Chicaree curse
Death: Annabelle
Temperance: The mayor's urn
The Devil: Alistair's hand
The Tower: The Bean House
The Star: Outskirts of the Smoggy Wood at night
The Moon: Zombies in the marsh at night
The Sun: Outside view of The Revolving Spider Diner during the day
Judgement: A hand holding a paper slip in front of Madame Turing
The World: Panoramic view of Spider Cliff

Edit- Quick info on Tarot decks: These 21 cards are the part of the deck generally known as the Major Arcana; the rest of the deck, the Minor Arcana, is almost the same as a traditional poker deck. It has four "suits": cups, wands, swords, and pentacles, each containing a king, queen, knight, page, and the numbers one through ten (ace included). The "named" cards and the ace contain a single person or symbol, but every other card depicts a particular scene of an event. It would be possible to assign a different image of Spider Cliff's events to each card in this theoretical deck, but I guess it would be best to leave that to a whole marketing/planning commitee...
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Great idea MegumiChan06

Posted by Sammysue, 12:22am, 18 Oct, 2005

I love the thought of Annabelle, Crystal, Rebecca and Eliza as the queens. The joker would have to be the Purple Chickaree.

Posted by Kortren, 1:44am, 18 Oct, 2005

Some other ideas:

-More coffee mug designs: Barlow not getting enough sleep, a Revolving Spider Diner logo...

And stickers, stickers, stickers! Bumper stickers and assorted sticker sheets to stick em everywhere, like on monitors, iPods, books, video game consoles, skulls, and so on.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 1:53pm, 19 Oct, 2005

OOO! On the idea of Coffee mug designs, perhaps get the kind that change when your coffee gets cold! It could be an awake Barlow (with coffee cup in hand) motioning wildly when the coffee is hot. When it gets cold, it could be like in The Mayor Misplaced when he hadn't been allowed to sleep at all. He could have his head down with a thought bubble saying "sleep"

Or it could be whatever jasonblue's heart desires.

Posted by elemental, 3:04pm, 26 Oct, 2005

I think the best thing to do would be to start with a cast picture an/or spidercliff town background and make the different items from there

Most of my ideas have already been said but, if you wanted to be creative you could sell:
Picture frames
shot glasses
Postcards (???)

Possible slogan: Gingoberry Pie: Mother Nature's Candy

Posted by lovelytuba, 12:52am, 29 Oct, 2005

I think that a shirt with Barlow's matrimonials from the fifth story saying

"I see how you might be a little... confused" Would be reallllllllly funny!

Posted by Deverien, 8:04pm, 29 Oct, 2005

That would be funny, but only people familiar with SC would understand the joke. Maybe if he changed the picture a bit so that the matrimonials were pink.

Posted by iph, 11:17pm, 11 Feb, 2006

I'd like to see more choices for clothing - I'd buy a t-shirt for sure if there was something more interesting available than University of Sprawling-Mossville.

Some sort of cast thing would definitely be awesome, but I think it would also be cool to have some stuff with two or three characters that's focused on their interactions... Like Crystal playing guitar and Barlow standing nearby just looking really pissed off. Or something.

Hey, if you're doing plushies, you should make little matramonial plushies with magnets inside so they stick together.

Hmm, I think I should not try to come up with stuff this late at night. I'm going to bed, maybe I'll be more clever in the morning (although I doubt it, there's only so much I can blame on sleep deprivation).

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