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If I was to make some *real* things...

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Posted by manigen, 11:15am, 30 Sep, 2005

A great idea, and I would definately buy one. One thing though, most of the t-shirts you find associated with websites - especially through cafepress - are only available in white or grey, and as a result often look a bit naff. Colour is good!

Posted by venusEnvy, 2:08pm, 30 Sep, 2005

Brains -- it's not just for breakfast anymore.

hookman has returned

Posted by hookman, 4:06am, 1 Oct, 2005

How about making a spider cliff video game.

Posted by manigen, 12:30pm, 2 Oct, 2005

Aren't we all already playing a spidercliff video game?

Video Game

Posted by Cole, 2:33pm, 2 Oct, 2005

Are you talking an RPG game? I would definately buy it!

Posted by Egocentric, 3:13pm, 2 Oct, 2005

Somehow I doubt he would make an RPG.

Posted by manigen, 5:29pm, 2 Oct, 2005

An RPG? How could you even do that? Too few people for morrowind, too few zombies for diablo.
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Posted by Cole, 9:57pm, 2 Oct, 2005

I was just asking!

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:04am, 3 Oct, 2005

It's a valid musing. After all, if jasonblue hadn't said to himself, "Self, why not create a new sort of comic filled with demons, zombies and paper mammals?", we wouldn't be having this discussion. :)

Posted by vega777, 7:08pm, 4 Oct, 2005

You should have a shirt with Alex running that says "AAA! We're being attacked by bridges!"

Posted by Sammysue, 10:53pm, 4 Oct, 2005

I love stickers and cards (wouldn't it be really neat if a contest was held and fans could submit their favorite character or place in the story and these could somehow be incorperated into the cards?). Cards would be pricey but I would certainly get a deck ^^ Umm I would enjoy seeing a calender, or a mini one to put in my locker at school, it would make my day everytime I opened my locker up XD.

There is always the personalized Pencils and pens XD I have seen a couple of my friends make their own pencils with a unique design or their favorite character. I wonder how they do that...O I am babbling XD

Journals!!! O I love journals and sketchbooks! A Spider Cliff Sketchbook would suit my fancy XD

My favorite character is Annabelle, I am quite sad she doesn't have any exchange items as of yet.

O and last thing, what type of payment methods would be available?

Posted by vega777, 4:11pm, 5 Oct, 2005

collectable figurines? A CD with bloopers(like the actor playing Barlow flubbing his lines or the actress playing Crystal tripping ect.)? Or how about a plushie paper mammel?
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