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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by smjjames, 7:46pm, 27 Sep, 2005

A Memetic Virus wouldn't have created the photograph of the group at about 1895 (turn of the century really) which is a physical piece of evidence. Nor would the virus neccesarily dissapear when Alistairs physical (though mummified) hand was destroyed.

Plus thats science fiction realm, and memetic viruses are only a theory. What AfroDwarf said supports an actual relationship.

I agree with everybody here, a more direct relationship with Alex and Annabelle would be too wierd and like NAS said, bordering on necrophilia. If he just admires her for her skills and/or beauty (like a beautiful picture), I guess thats kinda ok as the fact that she is undead gives it a wierd twist, but there is a fine line here...

and Jason could you tell us if time travel in some form is involved here as far as the corpse goes.

Posted by jasonblue, 8:25pm, 27 Sep, 2005



Posted by LegendaryNAS, 8:39pm, 27 Sep, 2005

You misunderstand. I'm saying that Alistar after death became a sentient memetic virus. Also, memetics are MUCH more than SF or theory.

cryptic as usual

Posted by smjjames, 12:47pm, 28 Sep, 2005

well this one certainly has alot of clues. The part about the name yet to be written and let the seed be planted, that sounds like someone who doesn't exist yet, someone yet to be born.

The part about the weapon, something about the rivers silt bieng swept out to sea and the blade bieng weaker than the river. What does the river stand for though?...

The third part he said was something about no longer bieng needed up here (the spirit world? or maybe a reference to the mind?) then something about bieng unseen and some kind of transformation. He also said she, so yea.

The transformation and unseen part makes me think of a werewolf type of thing.

Also, can someone copy the transcript of what was said? it'll be easier to read it when its all together.
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Posted by Egocentric, 12:48pm, 28 Sep, 2005

"One of you"... wonder if it means Anyone or just Crystal and Rebecka.


Posted by LegendaryNAS, 12:56pm, 28 Sep, 2005

"When she was no longer useful up here…unseen until actions reverse…like water slipping between fingers"

I think I understand a little. We actually need to measure the depth she was at when buried. That's where our next clue should be.

It's too bad we might not really be able to carbon date the bones.

The river he mentions could be the river of time.
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Posted by smjjames, 1:00pm, 28 Sep, 2005

He could have been referring to them or maybe he meant one of YOU as bieng a demon.

Barlow was bieng as cryptic as the Oracle of Delphi.

He also said about mark the waters and keep the boat afloat and mark something about the transformation. There was also a bit of info in the end, something about the axis that the transformation or something revolves around, but he woke up before he finished.

There is clearly something supernatural behind this, I'm also not ruling out some time travel deal because he said that the name is yet to be written and let the seed be planted. I thought he meant seed as in new life, although he could be talking about an evil seed. But the base of that means seed is a metaphor for the beginning of something.

Posted by smjjames, 1:02pm, 28 Sep, 2005

yea NAS, 'no longer useful up here' could refer death and passing out of the mortal world.

Carbon dating would be great, except you need a whole specialized lab for that and certain equipment.

Current thoughts...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 1:07pm, 28 Sep, 2005

Axis->Earth?->Moon?->Dog demon->Werewolf?
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Posted by Egocentric, 1:11pm, 28 Sep, 2005

Yeah, you might be on to something there, NAS.

Posted by smjjames, 1:13pm, 28 Sep, 2005

yea, he said 'mark well how she (the corpse) transformed from evil' so there is some sort of supernatural thing going on here. Also, Rebecca said that the moon was in the right phase for the oracle.

the axis could be the moon or something and yea I agree with your current thoughts NAS, perhaps someone will fall victim to a werewolf or something. If I were them, I might want to keep an eye on the bones.
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Posted by Egocentric, 1:25pm, 28 Sep, 2005

I thought transform from evil meant that she went good. And that one of you will fall victim, would that mean that someone else would become a werewolf?

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