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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by rora123, 7:07pm, 26 Sep, 2005

welcome dontmilkpuppies!...jason is hooking all of us =0P

but anyway saying that it might be alex was only a suggestion.....only stating the facts

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 7:17pm, 26 Sep, 2005

Hi rora! how often does jason update? i know it says 3 times a week but sometimes its 2 (no pressure Jason!) toodles.

Posted by smjjames, 11:39pm, 26 Sep, 2005

sometimes he has other things to do, is simply busy, or other things have come up. He tries to do it 3 times a week and he often does.

I know alex bieng a suspect was a suggestion and there are a few clues pointing to him, but they are circumstantial right now.

Having watched lots of crime shows like CSI, New Detectives, and stuff, I just feel that they won't be able to find many clues in the present and that they should do a thorough examination of archives. Alex could lead it (bieng SC's all knowing history buff) and the others could help.

I have thought of maybe Rebecca contacting the spirits of SC citizens, but didn't she say that she could only contact those she knew in her lifetime or those ppl she didn't know are harder to contact?

Posted by Egocentric, 2:08am, 27 Sep, 2005

Just thought I should point out that the murder wasn't necessarily 5 years ago... just five years or less. She could have been killed a week ago, as far as we know.

Posted by manigen, 5:30am, 27 Sep, 2005

Hi don'tmilkpuppies, and welcome to the addiction.
Although Alex might well have a go at demonslaying if he got the oppotunity, if he had killed and burried he demon why on earth would he flag the grave for Barlow to dig up? He was the only one checking the records, he could have just left that grave alone and no one would have been any the wiser.
Even if he did kill the demon, it seems unlikely that he burried it.

Posted by i8hack, 8:59am, 27 Sep, 2005

For once I don't think Alex has anything to do with this murder. Although, I like the fact that in the last chapter it looks like Alex was blushing when people found out that he asked Annabelle for help. Also, in Ch. 5 did anyone else get the idea that Crystal was propositioning Barlow if he helped her out.

My early theory is that the skeleton is Crystal's and she has to find out some way to prevent herself from being killed in the past so she can still be alive in the future. I'm going for a paradoxical approach to this story.

Posted by smjjames, 11:03am, 27 Sep, 2005

I really don't see time travel as happening in Spider Cliff. It'd have to take some sort of great magic to do that, and that certainly doesn't seem to be in rebeccas abilities. Remember her powers have to do with the home, gardening, and ppls health (through herbs and potions). I just don't think she is that powerful.

I agree though that time travel would make a great storyline, but the plot would be complex and the story might get pretty long...

ah, I'm bieng a critic aren't I? lol

yea, there is already the beginning of a love affair between the two and it has already been a month or two in Spider Cliff time, so there has been time for it to develop. Plus in 'the Wed. that wasn't' there was the STRONG suggestion that they had slept together in the same bed, maybe even intamately (dunno if I should say 'and had sex' or not considering the younger members that are around) And yea, it did seem like Alex was blushing a bit when he admitted Anabelle helped him.
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You say WHAT!?!?

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 5:19pm, 27 Sep, 2005

Whoa, wait a minute....Alex and Annabelle...sleeping together? I'm sorry but "That does not compute." It would be way too fast. And then there's that whole thing of being with a walking talking corpse. This would be something more like a nightmare scenario for Alex with his biases.

I've seen and heard some pretty weird stuff being on net (*something here removed by Jason*.) and I can deal with those, but i draw the line at something resembling necrophilia.
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Posted by jasonblue, 5:59pm, 27 Sep, 2005

Sorry, LegendaryNAS

I know it's a fairly innocent term, but there are some young readers around here.

(and yet I leave in the necro line)
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Posted by AfroDwarf, 6:16pm, 27 Sep, 2005

No NAS, I think he meant Barlow and Crystal, if you ask the right questions in Wednesday ch 19 it becomes pretty obvious that they decided to, um, take full advantage of the amnesia potion.

And while Alex and Annabelle sleeping together *would* be kinda weird (unless she was somehow returned to life, which isn't beyond the realm of possiblity, hm), a romantic relationship between them would almost be par for the course.
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Uh huh.....

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 6:35pm, 27 Sep, 2005

But that's just as crazy though. Barlow and Crystal are basically at each others throats half the time. It would take something rather drastic to happen or a schizm in reality for that matter. Not that I'm ruling out a memetic virus causing it thought. (Look it up. That's what the villain was then in The Wed. Lost)
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Posted by AfroDwarf, 7:01pm, 27 Sep, 2005

"I guess you thought since you wouldn't remember anything in the morning...* to put this? were sort the wrong bed"'
Exact quote, with the * showing where there was some other dialogue in between, basically Crystal asking again more vehemently and Annabelle avoiding the question. And I highly doubt that either of them was possessed by Alistair, or they wouldn't have drank the potion in the first place.

Besides, when they are at each other's throats, it nearly always stems in some way from the fact that Barlow is naíve and Crystal is world-weary cynical, but in story 6 they seem to be moving toward some middle ground.
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