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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by rora123, 12:31am, 24 Sep, 2005

hahaha i know better to make a face at your never know anyway....i laughed at were-plants and you were somehwat right...hehe that shut me up

Posted by manigen, 6:32am, 24 Sep, 2005

If it is Crystal's corpse - and hey, why not? - then we could be in for a time travel twist!
Paradoxes are always good for a laugh.

Posted by Egocentric, 12:29pm, 24 Sep, 2005

True, but the skull was canine. Still there was a clue about Crystals age, maybe the antennea leaves similar marks on the skull. Or maybe Esmeralda was buried as Mrs Mcguffin to not make people suspicios.
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Posted by LegendaryNAS, 1:15pm, 24 Sep, 2005

I thought Crystal WAS a dog demon......

And who's Esmeralda?

Posted by Egocentric, 1:19pm, 24 Sep, 2005

Crystal is a Gorgon/Chinese Waterdemon demon. Esmeralda is a demon that had lived in soider cliff before, she was mentioned in "The curse of the purple chikaree".

Posted by venusEnvy, 2:11pm, 24 Sep, 2005

If the holes in that skull are from antennae, and Crystal has those sorts of holes because of her antennae, then I am concerned about the vulnerability of her brain. Are the antennae boned, or merely soft tissue? Do they have cartilage? Would it be easy to poke her through her anntennae base and damage her brain?

Maybe I read incorrectly, but it appeared certain that Crystal's parentage was half gorgon and half Chinese water demon. Perhaps this story will shed some light on her extended background if she is indeed a dog-like demon? But then, maybe there's more to demon society than we understand. For instance, it appears to be matrician, rather than patrician -- Crystal's last name is Greek-like, and not the least bit Chinese (unless her parents were not married, of course).

Oh -- and I hope the phrase "I need that like another hole in my head" does NOT come up in this story ... ;)
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Posted by LegendaryNAS, 2:54pm, 24 Sep, 2005

Speaking of things not coming up, I hope there's no inferences to Inuyasha made...

That anime was kinda lame....
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Posted by Egocentric, 12:22pm, 25 Sep, 2005

I've been reading through old chapters, and I just found something interesting. In "The wednesday that wasn't", Chapter 21, there was a lot of old dog-chewing toys in the Bean house basement.
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Posted by AfroDwarf, 7:29pm, 25 Sep, 2005

Crystal could be wrong about Mrs. McGuffin being a demon, she could be a werewolf or something.

Posted by smjjames, 11:07pm, 25 Sep, 2005

you mean the bones Egocentric? that doesn't mean they are dog chewing toys, they could have been thanksgiving turkey bones thrown down there over the years. And Rora, I don't remember you saying that it could be a demon skeleton.

Even if Esmeralda was buried there, I believe she was older.

Well, from what Crystal said, it sounds like the holes are more to the sides although Eliza said they are more to the front, so it sounds a bit like Inuyasha (I've watched that anime, and its not that lame) or what he looks like in general.

Still, I wonder where Eliza got the training to identify the bones correctly, maybe she tried Anthropology before she settled on the matrimonials.

Crystal is more Asian really and thats from her water demon side.

While we're still talking about parentage and stuff, since I took a cultural anthropology class over the summer, I know the proper terms are Matrilineal and Patrilineal not matrician and patrician.

Posted by rora123, 1:43am, 26 Sep, 2005

smjjames...i said that she might be a demon in the thread page number 4
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Posted by Egocentric, 1:51am, 26 Sep, 2005

About the chewing toys/bones, Barlow says they are chewing toys if you say you won't help him.

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