The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by Egocentric, 2:30am, 23 Sep, 2005

It was mentioned a demon had lived in spider-cliff in "The curse of the purple chikaree", wasn't it. So, you could be right.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:04am, 23 Sep, 2005

That demon's name was Esmerelda. Mrs. McGuffin's name was Genevieve.

Posted by smjjames, 10:10am, 23 Sep, 2005

There's also a little clue on the tombstone, 'wife of George'. but who was George McGuffin?

too bad there is no date on the tombstone cause that would really help. Jason, would it be possible for someone to be buried before the book of the dead was made and not appear in it?

Posted by jasonblue, 11:07am, 23 Sep, 2005

chapters 4 and 5 will help peg down the burial date. And Barlow will reveal why he suspected it was murder. While you are waiting, take a closer look at that skull.

Holy skulls, Batman!

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 11:43am, 23 Sep, 2005

Yeah, I didn't notice it before. There's a definite hole there in that dug up cranium. The question here, if the hole was 'unaturally' made, is what kind of object was used to make it. I'm not sure if Eliza has the credentials to analyze, being that she studies only plants and all.

Ironic, considering that Barlow was tempted to put an axe in Crystal's own head not too long ago.......

Turnip reading up on socialism? This could get dangerous ;P
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Posted by venusEnvy, 1:22pm, 23 Sep, 2005

LOL, can't you just see Turnip rallying for a paper mammal revolt? Too cute.

Posted by smjjames, 2:41pm, 23 Sep, 2005

yea, you're right, there is a hole in the skull. Sometimes skulls hundreds of years old might have crumbled a bit or something, but the skull can't be more than 200 years old. As far as analyzing the skull and the 'crime scene' (the grave in this case), I'm pretty sure there are a few books about forensics, anatomy, and Archaeology lying around, sounds like the archives may have a broad spectrum of books. Eliza is also a scientist, so she should be able to help.

Another idea here, they could easily go to doc Kibble's office and look for any books that can help them. and when they went in there last time, we saw a bunch of anatomical charts on the wall, that means he knows a good deal about anatomy. They could also attempt to contact Doc Kibbles spirit and see if he could help them.

I was right when I said earlier that I felt like this involved some forensics, or rather Forensic Anthropology(the study of human remains from crime scenes).
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Posted by Egocentric, 3:40pm, 23 Sep, 2005

Wouldn't it be fun if the hole was actually from when Barlow axed the coffin open?

Posted by smjjames, 6:17pm, 23 Sep, 2005

Barlow didn't say that he hit it, presumably he hit the coffin first. Besides look at its position, if barlow had ineed hit it, there would be a hole or something in the front or the side because people are usually buried face up, but the hole looks like its in the back.

It doesn't quite look like a blunt object hit it (Jason would need to make a closeup of the skull to give it more detail), however it looks like it might be a bullethole.

Time Out

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 8:05pm, 23 Sep, 2005

Let's not get ahead of ourselves and start jumping to conclusions. If anything, we should only go by what the characters are saying. The pictures are there to just illustrate, nothing more.

Posted by rora123, 11:50pm, 23 Sep, 2005

woot! i said before autospy came out that the body was probably that of a demon...
well if the demon was evil..and aunt vedilia has killed many demons would that mean that there are more demon bodies lurking around?. or was she like crystal and a citizen of spidercliff...until someone who didnt approve of her (like alex with crystal) murdered her..


Posted by LegendaryNAS, 12:21am, 24 Sep, 2005

I know this is going to sound crazy, and a lot of you are going to make a strange face when I say this, but:

What if the skeleton found in the coffin is Crystal's?

DUM DUM DUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'll need to retract my previous statement about jumping to conclusions)

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