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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by rora123, 10:33pm, 19 Sep, 2005

yeah i know axes? what a weird request..but maybe he thought axes bc he wanted to stake one through crystal @ the time
...but i dont think he wants to destroy his past..he only wants to learn what he missed out on bc his aunt took it away from him....
hes a bit naive in a way bc he only knows really about one thing(demon-hunting) he doesnt know what certain things can do to a person like crystal, who said that something was missing in her life, until she came to spidercliff and shes used to being sort of cynical all the time

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:24am, 20 Sep, 2005

I think the poor kid just doesn't know a broom from a backhoe. ;)

Posted by jasonblue, 9:55am, 20 Sep, 2005

although if the books were placed in wooden crates, it would make sense, but why didn't he also ask for shovels?

He did.
Barlow: Annabelle, bring the shovel, a few more axes, and the wheelbarrow to the cemetery for me.

Posted by i8hack, 10:17am, 20 Sep, 2005

It seems that in a weird sort of way Crystal is looking out for him at the end of the story. I know she cares about him, and I know you know that too Jason : )

I think the leaky brain faucet will somehow come into play in this story. And from other discussions, it might be the McGuffin, the driving force in the plotline. Maybe Barlow will find out that the books are worthless (decayed) and eats some of the brains because they are supposed to be intelligent. Too early to really speculate though.

Posted by smjjames, 11:10am, 20 Sep, 2005

yea, missed that somehow. He probably got the axes cause he knows they are in crates (makes me wonder if he was also at the 'funeral', which is possible) and maybe to break up any debribs.

Posted by manigen, 12:32pm, 20 Sep, 2005

The brain faucet is still the most intriguing (and disturbing) thing in the story. After all, the brains taste evil to annabelle, and where on earth, or spider cliff, would you find an inexhaustable supply of evil brains?
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Posted by smjjames, 12:38pm, 20 Sep, 2005

looks like it, and theres apparently some kind of waste product, or at least thats what the ink in the last story sounded like if it came from the brain faucet as some kind of residue or waste.

remember barlow said that the only running plumbing is in the basement, but we don't know if that pipe we saw outside near the graveyard is connected to the roof gutters or something else.

Posted by rora123, 12:49pm, 20 Sep, 2005

shouldnt we be worried that annabelle eats them all the time?

Posted by manigen, 12:49pm, 21 Sep, 2005

So far she just seems to be getting smarter - more self aware. But when the matrimonials got smarter they definitely got more destructive, so yes, it is worrying, isn't it?

Posted by smjjames, 4:37pm, 21 Sep, 2005

yea, but the plants were probably operating closer to an animal mind, or maybe thier thought processes were different than the way we do. Annabelle was once human, so she has more control over her feelings and desires, although those from a century ago, but she is adapting to a different 'era'.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 8:57pm, 21 Sep, 2005

plus the plants were only destructive because they were competing with each other for the best soil. I can't think of anything that Annabelle would get like that about.

Posted by rora123, 11:50pm, 22 Sep, 2005

lol maybe mrs. mcguffin was a demon and it couldnt be logged in to the books that she was buried in the cemetery...bc well she was a demon so aunt vedilia buried her like the books...not thinking someone would uncover it

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