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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by smjjames, 12:30pm, 14 Sep, 2005

yea, it is a bit early to be analyzing it this much.

anyway the second chapter should be due today as the one released last night is technically Mondays chapter.z
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Posted by venusEnvy, 8:59pm, 14 Sep, 2005

*whew!* Back at home after a particularly rough court date three states away. If it seemed I chewed anyone's head off yesterday on this board, I apologize. Child custody cases suck. I need to get a habeus corpus for a child abduction case, and have to wait until Friday for it.

smjjames is right -- it's far too early to analyze this yet. Just soak in all the clues -- flagged and unflagged -- and wait patiently for more.

jasonblue, now you just take your time, honey. Don't let them rush you.

I started reading Angels and Demons on the plane this afternoon -- anyone else read it yet?

Posted by smjjames, 11:51pm, 14 Sep, 2005

so you're a lawyer :)

Posted by vicky, 1:33am, 15 Sep, 2005

I've read Angels and Demons, the swedish translation that is. I haven't read The Da-Vinci Code Yet.

Posted by manigen, 6:20am, 15 Sep, 2005

Sometime I just get carried away...

Posted by rora123, 1:11pm, 15 Sep, 2005

lol...why not get carried away? might as well start somewhere =0P...

angels and demons is a good book but the plot line is very similar to the da vinci code but just with different characters...but still fun to read...its very suspenful of course

Posted by venusEnvy, 5:10pm, 15 Sep, 2005

I finished A&D today. Brown actually wrote this novel first, but it didn't catch on until after DVC. Has a great pace and a sense of urgency that I like, along the same lines as John Grisham, IMHO.

Posted by venusEnvy, 5:15pm, 15 Sep, 2005

Here's something that will keep you busy until jasonblue can update. Copy & paste the following into your browser:

I swear, you'll laugh yourself silly with this game! I'm a level 11 Disco Bandit!

Posted by smjjames, 4:23pm, 18 Sep, 2005

man, I wonder what's going on...

Posted by rora123, 7:56pm, 19 Sep, 2005

so was it really definite that the plants unburied arabelle cathaway or was that still one of the "unsolved" questions...or was another force at work here that is going to come up in this upcoming story

Posted by jasonblue, 9:08pm, 19 Sep, 2005

Yep, it was the plants. Arabelle isn't involved in this one at all, except for getting everyone in place for the new story.

Posted by smjjames, 10:14pm, 19 Sep, 2005

well this one is turning into a more traditional mystery. Either barlow has gone nuts cause he asked for several axes and not shovels, or he has a different agenda in mind. He is bieng pretty emotional about the books. Its a little hard to tell whether they are books he really likes or books he despises. Maybe he wants to 'destroy' his past.

although if the books were placed in wooden crates, it would make sense, but why didn't he also ask for shovels?

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