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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by pockycrusader, 5:55pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Wait... so Alex is a pod-person?

Posted by AfroDwarf, 6:06pm, 30 Oct, 2005

No, how it works is that being cut with a flora axe turns someone into a tree, and the fauna axe turns them back, so the tree that was there was the dog-demon, then it was cut down to make a coffin but when Barlow cut into the coffin with the fauna axe the planks turned back into a skeleton.

Posted by manigen, 6:16pm, 30 Oct, 2005

A "dogwood" skeleton, get it? The old tree went to make the new coffin.

Exactly Deverien, every inanimate object could well be cursed. You'd never dare do the washing up in case the sponge damned you to eternal existance as a malteser or similar.
Acutally, maybe that's why Barlow is so workshy about clearing up. It could be a sort of survival instinct not to touch the knick-knacks.

Posted by pockycrusader, 6:22pm, 30 Oct, 2005

O.o Wow, that's just... wow.... *steers clear of all axes*

Posted by Deverien, 6:56pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, I'd like to bring up something that occurred to me recently:

Could the existence of paper mammals be related to those axes somehow? We don't know for certain just how old those axes are... maybe several centuries ago someone smacked an ordinary paper bag (or a normal tree, or other plant) with the fauna axe and voila! Instant paper mammals!

Posted by smjjames, 7:46pm, 30 Oct, 2005

paper bags weren't really around several centuries ago.

also they'd better have medical stuff available because she must have cut herself pretty good, and they'll have to be careful so that they don't end up cutting her arm off.

Posted by manigen, 3:59am, 31 Oct, 2005

But paper bags have been around for quite a while, and the earliest we know there were paper mamals is at the start of the twentieth century. That could be how they came to be.

Posted by smjjames, 11:35am, 31 Oct, 2005

well yea around the turn of the century there were.

I want to see the epilogue chapter cause I want to see what happens to the paper mammals and if anything about rebecca's past turns up.

Posted by venusEnvy, 12:02pm, 31 Oct, 2005

LOL, as a side note, I'd like to know what sort of tree Rebecca is.

Witch hazel, maybe? ;)

Posted by smjjames, 12:20pm, 31 Oct, 2005

Thats likely, and I still want to see what it really was that she did that the townspeople (or maybe just the sherriff) viewed as evil. I think it was the fact that she introduced some invasive species. although the dogwood tree had been there for more than half a century before Rebecca came to Spidercliff.

Posted by Manar, 2:37am, 3 Nov, 2005

It is a bit of a shame that they did not bring Eliza along for the breaking of the tree-transformation of Rebecca. It might have given her some fresh views of magic and demons, not to mention plants...

Posted by manigen, 3:25am, 3 Nov, 2005

She'd have claimed it was some sort of optical illusion or trick.
I'm starting to wonder about that girl...

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