The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by Rognik, 1:01am, 30 Oct, 2005

Woodn't you like to know? Wait, I used that pun already. Um, because she was board stiff? She left her trunk there? She was getting to the root of the problems? Meh, I'm stumped.

Posted by manigen, 5:54am, 30 Oct, 2005

Puns hurt my brain.

In the meantime, isn't it now reasonable to conclude that Rebecca was also the other tree, the one that alex fell out of? And when alex fell, was he more like a seed falling from the pod?
Gasp! Alex is a tree too!

BUT if the blood on the flora axe comes from Rebecca, which makes sense since she is a tree, how come the garden sheers didn't cut alex?
So maybe not...

Posted by smjjames, 8:49am, 30 Oct, 2005

yea, its pretty wierd. I'm also not quite sure how this tree thing is related to barlow.

I'm suspecting some kind of nature or earth spirit ancestry, maybe a greek one.

Posted by Deverien, 12:24pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Hooray-a for me and vega!

And hooray-a to Jason for writing such an awesome mystery!

Posted by smjjames, 3:08pm, 30 Oct, 2005

I get how she got turned into a tree, but I don't get why she was turned into a tree or what the prophecy had to do with this whole thing.

Posted by vega777, 3:17pm, 30 Oct, 2005

I'm guessing they turn evil things into:
Fauna axe=animal(or revert to animal if flora axe was used on them)
Flora axe=tree
" of YOU will turn...from evil..."
(Yay for me and Dev!!!)
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Posted by Deverien, 3:41pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Also, at one point in the prophecy, I think Barlow said something about the 'axis of change'...

axis --> axes

Also, in response to manigen:
Rebecca was not the other tree that used to be atop the McGuffin grave site. The two trees look different. If you look up info on the TYPE of tree, it should clue you in on where the other tree came from.
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Posted by manigen, 3:44pm, 30 Oct, 2005

More puns. Head hurts...

Posted by jasonblue, 4:33pm, 30 Oct, 2005

I almost don't need to finish chapter 16, as you smart peoples have figured everything out.

I will, though.

Posted by Manar, 4:53pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Ahh. Now i get it!
AArrgghh! I should have figured. I was sooo of track :(
Got stuck on the slimeweed and Alex fall from the tree. When Jason said that the fall was of no matter my whole theory fell apart. I was realy in the dark after that.
Realy great mystery Jason. Keep it up. You realy got me there!

Posted by manigen, 4:58pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Clearly you have to be really carefull with the objects you find lying around in Spider cliff. There was the hand in the wednesday that wasn't, the brain tap in the third vault and now the axes. It just isn't safe to touch anything, is it?

Posted by Deverien, 5:23pm, 30 Oct, 2005

Maybe that's why they have such a small population. Doesn't seem like a very safe tourist spot.

"Come and visit scenic Spider Cliff: The city of deathtraps!"

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