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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by manigen, 6:09pm, 27 Oct, 2005

Well that's it. I've sent my guess in through the form, scratched my head for the last time over this mystery, and now it's getting kind of late on this side of the atlantic so I'm off.
I fully expect to spend tonight dreaming of demon dogs chasing sticks that put down roots and rip up the turf and the water is flooding the land and so the river flows on...

Posted by jasonblue, 7:51pm, 27 Oct, 2005

Nice guess manigen, but that's still not it. I think we can safely assume that the dead tree (from the photo) was probably cut down. Part of it being there helps to establish the timeline of the story (i.e. when was the McGuffin grave made).

I reckon that some of you are close to figuring out where Rebecca is, if you haven't figured it out yet.

Posted by smjjames, 9:14pm, 27 Oct, 2005

ok I'm gonna go out on a limb here because she is a Wiccan, sort of like Gaia loving witches, she has ties to nature. and my guess for what happened is somehow she got turned into the extra tree.

Posted by manigen, 6:13am, 28 Oct, 2005

Well I'm guessed out. Now I'm reduced to waiting...

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 1:06pm, 28 Oct, 2005

i have a guess, which i have submitted (in great detail lol.)
i believe a lot of it is right. I know who killed McG, why, and how she came back to life. What I don't know, Jason, is where Rebecca is. I pretty much guessed on that, though I do have a good idea of how each part of the story (Rebecca and her evilness, the sewer, the corpse, and the trees) are connected.

Posted by Rognik, 6:26pm, 29 Oct, 2005

Well, I guess this leafs out any doubt where Rebecca is. I guess we were barking up the wrong tree with all the talk of dog-demons. Woodn't you know she'd hide in plain sight?

I still don't see how it ties to the skeleton, though. Unless...

Posted by smjjames, 7:50pm, 29 Oct, 2005

HA! my out on a limb theory was right!! the tree IS rebecca. I based my theory on the fact that she is close to nature kinda.

I'm not sure how this is all connected, but one thing I DO know is that she is a Wiccan, and she knows alot about plants. Heck she got the soil from somewhere. That makes me think, what if the connection to Gaia is stronger than we think, what if theres a supernatural descent. That could explain alot about her (although the greed in the last story was purely from her human side).

This may also explain how Barlow is related to Rebecca and Alex, he is the son of some Gaia related spirit! that would explain why he can navigate the marsh so easily.

As far as the evil stuff, it may have been something that was misunderstood by the townsfolk.

Also, the blood and the tree makes me think of a greek myth where someone had plucked a flower off of a bush and the bush started bleeding, the bush was in fact a dryad.
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Posted by Deverien, 7:57pm, 29 Oct, 2005

Dang, it's so obvious now. I KNEW there was something funky with that coffin, but I didn't put much thought into it until now.

And it looks like there were a lot of red herring clues early on in this story.
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My head....

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 8:08pm, 29 Oct, 2005

I didn't really bother to try and solve the mystery this time. Making myself look like a dork about time travel and everything....

Can someone explain to me just what exactly is going on? So it was the axe that turned Rebecca into a tree?

Posted by Deverien, 8:12pm, 29 Oct, 2005


Posted by jasonblue, 11:59pm, 29 Oct, 2005

Dev, the guess you sent in was 100% correct and 100% complete. Nice job! I am giving 150 to both you and Vega777 who sent in an earlier guess that was also really close. Congrats to both of you!

And everything will be explained on Monday. unless someone finds any loose ends (which I'm sure you will).

Posted by pockycrusader, 1:47am, 30 Oct, 2005

Buh-.... She's a tree? Why is she a tree? Ow! My brain!!!

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