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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by taltamir, 4:43pm, 26 Oct, 2005

I wouldnt say that turnip has to have common grounds with the low down paper mammels to incite a revolution... he is after all the most intelligent paper mamal by far. So most other paper mammels could be easily outsmarted by him to do his bidding.
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Posted by smjjames, 5:19pm, 26 Oct, 2005

yea, but I don't think he really wants his own kind to fight among themselves, he is trying to find ways to improve themselves. But we don't know which part of Karl Marx's theory of socialism (or whatever the book's title was) Turnip is so interested in because like Eliza said, they don't have the same failings as humans do. I think this is a big clue on itself.

the clue in chapter 3 is about the socialist books (Communism), so that makes me think, what if Rebecca was ineed communist, since back in the cold war, ppl thought communists were 'evil'.

what if SHE is really behind all the problems with the paper mammals? maybe she is trying to make a communist state out of them.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 6:59pm, 26 Oct, 2005

hmm. here's a wild, crazy, insane theory that i would like jb's comments on. everyone in sc knows about rebecca's "special skills" but alex. crystal found out in i think the second story.
i find it pretty hard to believe that alex would not have found out. he does LIVE WITH HER. hasn't he ever walked into the kitchen while she was chanting? Nobody's ever mentioned her talking to dead ppl and alex overheard? So, about alex's amnesia. the tree he fell from was a magic tree which eliza suggests rebecca may have planted.
Now here there are two things that could have happened. Alex could have been thrown from the tree when he found out about his mom so he would forget.. He might even have thrown himself off. OR, the tree could have been an ingredient in the amnesia potion, which rebecca made for alex. and saying alex fell from tree is a "code," persay.

Posted by jasonblue, 10:51am, 27 Oct, 2005


Nobody has guessed it quite yet... and even after I dropped some really really big clues in chapter 14. I don't want to ruin anything, but I should say that in addition to the 5 clues in that chapter there are also at least two other things that could be taken as clues... especially when compared to other chapters in the story.

In keeping with tradition, and this being the last day before the solution, I will now start to answer your questions in this thread. I will be as evasive as possible while still answering the question. Possibly in haiku form.


Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 3:14pm, 27 Oct, 2005

k, so i googled the name of the tree alex fell from (cornus capitata.) and GUESS WHAT??
cornus capitata: a himalayan dogwood tree (emphasis on dog) with a subspecies called Mountain Moon (werewolf?). Greeks (!) used it to make arrows.
i couldn't find anything about it being used in witchcraft, however, so it sounds like Mrs. McDemon introduced it to SC.

Posted by manigen, 3:21pm, 27 Oct, 2005

I was just now on the same page! This is suddenly amazingly exiting, only hours from the finish.
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Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 3:26pm, 27 Oct, 2005

the story ends on monday, not friday, but still! ooh and another page mentions it being used for ax shafts as well. how much money do u wanna bet cornus capitata was used to make those axes in the tool shed?

Posted by AfroDwarf, 3:30pm, 27 Oct, 2005

Dangit! I know the answer's staring me in the face but I just can't see it, so much for people with ADHD being better able to see the 'big picture'

Posted by manigen, 3:30pm, 27 Oct, 2005

And which axe was it they found in the cemetary, Fauna or the wonkily labled flora?

Elements we have now:
Alex fell out of a tree when he was a kid. He does not remember this.
The tree was a weed, an interloper, called dog wood.
At some time in the last five years the tree became a grave. With a dog-demon skeleton in it.
Rebecca purportedly once almost destroyed spider cliff.

Stuff I sumise:
Did Rebecca create havoc by introducing new plant species to Spider Cliff's isolated ecosystem? Did she nearly remove the breeds that spider cliff depends on? Was dog wood one of these?
When Alex fell, how badly was he hurt?

I'm addressing this last one to you Jason, how badly was he hurt?

So now a big jump:
Because maybe, when he fell, somebody had to die, and maybe Rebecca ensured it wasn't him.

BUT Barlow says at the end of episode 13:
"I have the feeling that this is a lot LESS serious than we think" (his capitalisation)

So maybe I'm over reaching.
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Posted by jasonblue, 3:44pm, 27 Oct, 2005

Ooooh... getting closer and closer.

Alex falling from the tree isn't important right now other than establishing the tree. Those axes existed far longer than the tree, but maybe they play role in this whole mess.

You've seen that tree before... I think Alex found a photo of it in an earlier chapter. You might want to check that out again, because it might lead you to the 2nd huge clue in chapter 14!

Posted by manigen, 3:54pm, 27 Oct, 2005

I'm trying very hard to control my urge to exclaim loudly.


In chapter 5 there are two photos of the cemetary, one five years old, and one just a few hours old. The top one features a dried up old tree (the dog wood) and the bottom one an excavated grave (the dog dug). Apart from that the two are identical.

Now... Compare these images with the background from chapter 14. See any changes? See how there is suddenly an extra tree in the background?

Where did it come from? What is it doing there? How did it manage to grow in the course of a few days?

Now Jason, a question for you: Was it this new tree that where alex found the axe burried in the roots?

edit: Just got your post Jason, so I assume this is what you were gesturing towards. (Tries to stop shaking with excitement)
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Posted by jasonblue, 4:00pm, 27 Oct, 2005

Ssssmaybeeee that's a clue...

What a coincidence. I do believe Alex will identify that tree as where he found the axe.

There better be some guesses coming in soon...
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