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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by taltamir, 3:06am, 11 Oct, 2005

the rules for demon behaviour basically dictate the demon is to perform all the menial tasks for the town... Far more then a single demon is capable of doing, so in other words, the demon must always be working on those menial tasks or they are killed. Sounds more like slavery to me. I doubt anyone will expect crystal to abide by these.

The whole slavery thing pops its head again, I can see a demon revolting against such rules and being killed for it.
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Posted by rora123, 4:08am, 11 Oct, 2005

well would they go to such a drastic point where they would kill a demon just because she didnt clean their gutters?...

and just by having this guidebook means that there have been times where demons have tried to fit in with society...but i agree that perhaps they did not want to be their slaves anymore that they just tried being like the rest of the spidercliff residents
but, someone that "owned" or looked after the dog creature got angry and took it out and disposed of the skeleton bc perhaps some people knew that it was good and the murderer didnt want to take the fall for it's death
and well wasnt it written that this BLAKE man had killed a dog like creature, and just also happened to write a book about how demons should "properly" behave?

*by the way what are the rest of the twelve tasks that they have to perform?
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Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 4:19am, 11 Oct, 2005

i don't think Crystal will be persecuted because she didn't clean their gutters... they never asked Crystal to perform the twelve tasks, she just found the book. If demons were like slaves to Barlow, he would have killed Crystal for disrespect long ago.
I do think, though, because everyone said demons didn't live in Spider Cliff and Vedalia would be pissed, yet clearly demons did live there, that Crystal is going to uncover some huge demon-slavery-abuse-holocaust scandal. And everyone lied because they didn't want to freak Crystal out or make her mad,
and maybe Crystal will be so mad and disrespectful of Spider Cliff during this whole thing that *traditional* ppl like alex and maybe vadalia if she finds out, will suggest she be banished or killed.

Posted by Deverien, 9:54am, 11 Oct, 2005

Mighty suspicious that the book was written AFTER the author's death...

Also, I've a feeling this relates to that line in the old record that Alex found about a demon who had a 'disregard for cilized amentities'.

Posted by smjjames, 10:45am, 11 Oct, 2005

you're right, I didn't think of it last night, he died in 1930, the book was written two years later.

its possible that it is a revised edition or something, but books would usually say that. However this would be a too easy of an explaination and not likely.

Maybe someone put it there so that crystal would just happen to find it....

As far as civilized amentites that could also mean that the demon didn't use the toilet like ppl do.


Posted by LegendaryNAS, 12:58pm, 11 Oct, 2005

Barlow's power --> Water prophecies --> Plumbing? -->

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Posted by taltamir, 2:44pm, 11 Oct, 2005

Do keep in mind that the dead dont stay dead in that town...

So he could have just written in after his death. Makes perfect sense :)

Posted by smjjames, 2:48pm, 11 Oct, 2005

He'd have to use a medium of some sort like Rebecca, but she was born in the city some 20 years later. So there would have had to be someone like her living in town at that time.

Posted by Deverien, 8:45pm, 11 Oct, 2005

It occurred to me that "F.D. Blake" might not necessarily be the same person as "F. Douglas Blake", so take that how you will.

You know, smjjames, your comment about 'civilized amenities' possibly meaning 'toilets' got me thinking... what if Blake killed the original demon by using the sewers somehow? Flushing her head down the toilet or drowning her in the sewers... That would certainly be an 'ironic fashion'. And since Spider Cliff is still using the same antique pipe system...

Hmm...guess we'll have to wait until Crystal checks out the plumbing down there. Maybe she'll find some more remains.

Wonder if that might also have something to do with the magical brain spigot?

Side question to everyone: What is the known progression of Demon Hunters in Spider Cliff? I keep getting all the names and years mixed up in my head.
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Posted by taltamir, 9:51pm, 11 Oct, 2005

oooh, maybe the brain spigot is tapped to the head of a regenrating being. It sucks its brain out, but it doesn't kill it as new brains grow instead... Awefully cruel, and perfectly understandable for him to do when he was using his own zombified sister to murder people.

Posted by Deverien, 10:01pm, 11 Oct, 2005

I was actually talking about F.D. Blake, not Alistair whats-his-name.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 11:04pm, 11 Oct, 2005

And plus, Alistair Bean died in the 1910s, Blake was probably the 2nd demon-hunter. Vedalia might have been the 3rd then, which would make Barlow the 4th.

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