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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by smjjames, 1:21am, 8 Oct, 2005

basically that means 'hands on experience' rather than seeing it in a book', at least thats what I think it's supposed to mean.

Well I'm sure there are rivers in the lowlands and the Ganges actually is supposed to have its headwaters in the Himalayas. As far as the water demon thing, sounds more like her father was more of a river and lake sort of demon down in the plains and forests. So, I think a demon from the Himalayas would be more of the mountain demon type. I think Crystal would have said her father was himalayan if he was.

Maybe Jason could clear this up a little as the demon type stuff is a little vague here.

hey, what if...

Posted by smjjames, 11:09am, 8 Oct, 2005

Heres a thought I had last night, since this whole story seems to revolve around demons or something, what if Barlow's water metaphors (attributed to a full bladder) are somehow related to Crystals water demon parentage on her fathers side?

I know its unlikely, but its a sort of revalation that came to me when I was thinking about the stuff.

Posted by vega777, 2:21pm, 8 Oct, 2005

*WARNING: random bit of supid brainstorming*
1.Could a past demon-hunter have been a werewolf? That Could explain the chew toys in the basement...
2. Could someone in town have secretly been a demon-dog or a werewolf and when they died someone else wanted to keep it a secret because they were friends or lovers(or they were afraid of Vedalia)
3. I still like my cursed book theory....
4. Alex might've forgotten more than the accident when he fell from the tree and hit his head...(don't know how this would affect the story any...)

Posted by Egocentric, 4:31pm, 8 Oct, 2005

Maybe Rebecca told Crystal that Barlow would use water metaphors becuse she know he would, full bladder or not. Maybe they DO have a greater meaning and is just not becuse of a full bladder.

Posted by vega777, 5:17pm, 8 Oct, 2005

Or maybe just some of them have meaning and some of them are because of his bladder, such as "the ocean is full of names"

Abou the water...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 7:30pm, 8 Oct, 2005

Excuse me for going all Jungian here for a sec.....

It's far more likely that the reason Barlow's descriptions contains so much water imagery is because it symbolizes where he gets his information. That being the collective unconscious as water is ofter associated with such subjects.

I guess watching Eva really did teach me something. ;)


Posted by taltamir, 9:51pm, 8 Oct, 2005

Anyone remember the game clue? You make a list of characters/locations/murderweapons, and as you find clues you tick off any that dont fit, until you narrow it down.

We have 7 characters.
It could not have been crystal or Annabelle or Turnip; Simply impossible (werent there or couldnt physically do it). Alex, barlow are almost certainly not it (I would leave barlow out alltogether, since he is one of the two main characters whom you play as, you wouldn't try to solve a mystery if you performed the deed). It leaves Eliza, sheriff, rebecca, or someone else who isn't a character now. Eliza was an undergrad in sprawling mossville back then, so it wasn't her. That leaves the sriff, rebecca, or someone else.

How was the demon killed. I beleive the autopsy suggest that she was AXED to death.

Where was the deamon killed. Somewhere secluded, as the resident demon hunter was not aware of the kill (or so we are to beleive). In fact, noone was aware of it, so it was done in secret.
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Posted by taltamir, 10:09pm, 8 Oct, 2005

On the second chapter of this story, annabelle and crystal are talking in the toolshed. There is an axe there labaled for "Fauna" and stained with blood.

Could the previous demon hunter have killed that demon canine and just not recorded it due to some odd need for secrecy? Would that demon canine come back to life if someone knew its name/more about it like alister did... mmm, thats my current guess.

Its abit odd though, there are even shovels marked as "animal" and "vegetable"... Did barlows aunt make it a habit to use gardening tools against demons/animals?

A Clue in chapter three states that alex marked 53 false graves, a large number of graves for just books. Could other people have been burying unwanted things in graves...
Also, Demons do NOT show up in the magic book, could there be other demons in the graveyard.
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Posted by AfroDwarf, 10:59pm, 8 Oct, 2005

I wonder about the blood on that axe. It's unlikely that anyone able to kill a demon/werewolf would forget to clean the blood of the murder weapon, yet Vedalia seems to much of a neat freak (considering that there were seperate axes for flora and fauna) that she would kill some animal and not clean it. hmm

Posted by smjjames, 11:18pm, 8 Oct, 2005

It's possible that Sherriff could have used it in the past, since the toolshed is pretty much open to everybody. and the blood on it doesn't look that fresh.

and yes I find it wierd to have labelled different shovels for plants and animals when theres no obvious difference between the two (other than one bieng a bit longer than the other). Same with the axes, no difference in shape or anything.

Posted by taltamir, 1:34pm, 9 Oct, 2005

I found it odd because since when do you need shovels and axes for ANIMALS! unless you kill them and bury their bodies.

Five years ago, vadalia was dead already correct? and the house was abandoned as barlow did not want to live there... perhaps we found our murder weapon...

Posted by AfroDwarf, 1:49pm, 9 Oct, 2005

If 20-30 people lived there in the summer, Vedalia was probably still alive, since everyone left right after she died.

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