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Story 6: Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

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Posted by rora123, 2:32pm, 28 Sep, 2005

-its definitely all very metaphorical...certain things like "river" may have to do with crystal since she is a "water" demon and the "blade" is what killed mrs. mcguffin...and it'll try to hurt someone or them, but it wont stand against the strength of the river (i.e crystal)
-what is the silt that gets washed away mean though?
-and so far crystal has been very useful for the people of SC...just like they needed her in the very first story that jason made....and maybe she just will out live her usefulness later on...barlow does say that it is a warning...
-yeah i agree with egocentric ...that whoever they are talking about used to be evil but transformed to be good again like crystal.. rebecca did not used to be evil.
-i do want to know what "name is yet to be written" and this point of axis?
if it had to do with time travel would that be going back in time or going into the future...time just doesnt seem to make sense
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Posted by smjjames, 3:11pm, 28 Sep, 2005

nix both of my theories of what to be written means cause I scanned through and apparently demons don't show up in the book. So it would have to be someone with knowledge of both the false graves and the fact that demons don't show up in the book of the dead.
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Posted by rora123, 3:15pm, 28 Sep, 2005

well that just could mean sometime in the NEAR future like the next day?....any of them can plop dead right now (which seems like it could be a possibility) and it would be considered the "future"...not neccesarily meaning an actual time-travel device is being used here

if the woman who died was a werewolf...why would she still have the characteristics of a wolf?...bc i always believed that under a full moon you transform....but her canine teeth are still very sharp and pointy
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Posted by smjjames, 3:40pm, 28 Sep, 2005

also, in the last chapter, one clue that popped up after he said that theres no record of the McGuffins and Alex wondered about it and Barlow said 'I just know things like that' which is the clue. That combined with the oracle thing points to some kind of latent psychic ability, rebecca said it wasn't magic or she would have sensed it, although she said it could be a latent sort of ability.

as far as someone used to be evil, don't forget Annabelle.

Posted by Egocentric, 4:05pm, 28 Sep, 2005

If she died in werewolf shape, would she change back to human? Also, would the corpse still transform in full moon?

Posted by manigen, 4:16pm, 28 Sep, 2005

Rora, how do we know that rebecca has never been evil?

Posted by rora123, 4:21pm, 28 Sep, 2005

well i dont but that would be too much speculation...and well jason said before that with most of this evidence that we can basically solve the mystery


Posted by LegendaryNAS, 11:36pm, 28 Sep, 2005

*Red lights flashing*

There is a strong possiblity that the revelations were intentionally cryptic to make us focus on them. Some, if not all, could be red herrings.

Posted by Egocentric, 1:52am, 29 Sep, 2005

Let's go through what we know...

A skeleton with canine features (probably a dog-demon or a werewolf) was found. It's a female skeleton, and she was in the same age as Crystal. SHe was stabbed with some sharp object, which sort of makes sure Annabelle is not guilty (since zombies only attack with their hands). She was buried not longer than five years ago, but she might have been killed before. Also, "someone of you will fall victim before the day is done.
Some clues points to that she should have lived in the Bean house

So, who could have done it? Not Annabelle, as I mentioned before. Not Turnip, since he probably couldn't carry a sword, axe or whatever killed the demon. Not Barlow or Crystal, since they are the ones solving the crime. I doubt Eliza would kill a demon, just call her obsessed with being different. Rebecka did help in the last chapter, which seems odd if she is guilty. Alex would happily kill a demon, but he was the one who marked the grave in the first place. Still, he might have done it by mistake, and he seemed very much against opening that grave. The sheriff might have killed her becuse that would make two demons per one demon hunter.

Altough I belive none of them did it, becuse future stories would be strange if some character was a murdurer. Well except for Crystal and the stalking victims thing.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 2:29pm, 29 Sep, 2005

Zombies don't only use their hands, Annabelle stabbed the Sheriff in TWTW, but it still couldn't be her because of the short amount of time she has been around. That same reason eliminates Crystal and possibly Eliza. But since this crime took place long before the bridge fell the culprit doesn't have to be anyone currently living in Spider Cliff. In fact it would actually make more sense if the killer has since moved out, because then he/she would be harder to track down in the event of the body being discovered.

Posted by Egocentric, 2:51pm, 29 Sep, 2005

Annabelle never stabbed the Sheriff, she just said she did so that noone would rediscover Alaistar.

Posted by smjjames, 3:27pm, 29 Sep, 2005

Crystal said the stalking thing was in her past and that it only led to emptyness for her. Also she said in the third story that she is 21 years old, so the age of the skeleton when alive would be several years older.

Jason said a bit ago that theres no new characters coming up for a while. That doesn't rule out some ghost or something and like Afro said, it could be someone who had moved out years ago.

Actually, we are forgetting another thing that was once evil and probably is going back to good. Remember the plants last story, even though they ended up destroying themselves, maybe theres a plant or plants that gained enough intelligence to be peaceful. This story starts the day after the last chapter of the last story. Extremely wierd, but possible. Although they weren't neccesarily evil, just driven by instinct plus smarts to greed.

Rebecca only helped indirectly through her own greed, but was never behind any of it.
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