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New characters!

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New characters!

Posted by mackenzie, 4:18pm, 3 Jul, 2007

Finally! i've come up with something interesting for once. Here it is:
If you could have a new character of your own design living in spidercliff, what would he/she's name be, what would he/she look like.... okay, maybe that's not so interesting. (It seems i have absolutely no self-confidence...) Basically it would be interesting for people to discuss their own spidercliff characters. For instance, i'd like it if a new demon came to town, exept with blonde hair and green eyes... and i'd call her sabine. That's an interesting demon-like name, isn't it? and i'd make up a love triangle between her, crystal, and barlow. Like, maybe crystal would get really jealous or something, and not know why! it'd be the perfect thing to help their (crystal + barlow's) relationship progess!
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Posted by bqk42, 12:52am, 4 Jul, 2007

HAHAHAH wow well you finally got someone to respond to your post...and i find you annoying and didnt you say pairing between crystal and barlow to be gross? dont contradict yourself

Posted by ralphmerridew, 3:52pm, 7 May, 2008

Sapphire Bean, 15 years old, Demon-hunter pro tem

Likes: Listening to the maid talk about her days in the circus, reading about her great-aunt Vedalia
Hates: Mom's guitar playing, demons, zombies, having to wear glasses all the time

When her father was injured in an accident, Sapphire stepped up to take over the job until his recovery. While Spider Cliff has been free of the undead for as long as she can remember, she has sworn that she will uphold the family tradition and keep it so.
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Posted by FFWF, 9:13am, 8 May, 2008

Maybe a demon who's genuinely evil? One who believes everything that Crystal doesn't - that evil is inherent, not a choice. (That is, they're throwing themselves into it more wholeheartedly than Annabelle.) I picture him or her (probably a him, as the demons otherwise tend to be female in Spider Cliff) as a flying demon - enabling them to get in and out of Spider Cliff without any of the harsh obstacles the others face. This character would also raise serious questions for Barlow and Alex about their own roles.

Posted by Amaranth, 1:41pm, 20 May, 2008

It took you guys from 2007 to reply? Okay, here's mine.
Age: 16.
Likes: Skulls, Opera, Spidery lace, Roses, Heavy metal.
Dislikes: Sun. Bad sun. Evil sun. Go way sun. Dumb blondes. Mainstream music on MTV. Grr.

Okay, it seems i have described myself. She likes the things i like, but she's different. Because she's a demon, she likes spiders. She eats them. Yum. She will shrivel up if she goes out in the sun for too long. She likes wild parties. She kicks ass. She can sing without deafening everyone within 50 feet. She has long black hair. Her eyes are a deep, mossy green. She can summon beasties. All of these things i am not, or can not do. Apart from number 2. (The sun thing. I burn easily. No complaints there. I like to retain my complexion.)

Posted by FFWF, 2:42pm, 20 May, 2008

So the consensus is: More girls, demons?

Posted by ralphmerridew, 11:08am, 21 May, 2008

What's your character's name?


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