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Posted by lovelytuba, 1:01am, 29 Oct, 2005

I think that Crystal's name should really be Crystal. I think that maybe it should be that she had no name, so she just goes by whatever people call her.

Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 1:08pm, 29 Oct, 2005

Shantar is a good demon name

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 1:37pm, 29 Oct, 2005

i agree with tuba. crystal has been her name for so long that it would be stupid to change it. but i wouldn't mind if they revealed an odd demon-name that ppl made fun of her for but didn't use, and it was funny like her last name.

Posted by corchen, 9:53am, 8 Nov, 2005

Any name ought to fit in with the three options for 'what your name makes you think off' in the first chapter - patience and diligence, springtime, or wild horses!

Posted by Super 5, 11:48pm, 9 Nov, 2005

I think Crystal suits her fine, it would seem strange if her name suddenly changed.

Posted by kefanii, 8:24am, 10 Nov, 2005

I always figured that Rebecca just found out her name before hand. It was her who hired Crystal anyway, wasn't it?

Posted by roger123275, 11:12am, 21 Nov, 2007

It could be fontis (latin) or aloz (Zola backwards)

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