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Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 8:17pm, 23 Aug, 2005

How about Desdemona? It means evil or of the devil... Or Persephone? The Queen of the Greek Underworld...(purnounced Per-sef-o-knee) Or maybe Astrid, which means unusual beauty and strength...just some thoughts...

Posted by doradiamond, 1:29am, 24 Aug, 2005

*thinks* i think her name should still be crystally but kinda point too? maybe like velasia.... but that sounds too old

Posted by hookman, 5:52am, 25 Aug, 2005

How about Germania cos I now some people are called that but it stills sounds sort of EVIL WOOOOHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by venusEnvy, 5:33pm, 1 Sep, 2005

I submit the name "Chryseis."

while on the subject

Posted by videocrazy, 9:56pm, 6 Sep, 2005

Hi! what is the sheriff's real name?

Posted by smjjames, 10:08pm, 6 Sep, 2005

Rebecca called him Ed earlier in the story, though everybody still calls him Sherriff.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:27am, 7 Sep, 2005

His name is Edwin Sluggmosse, IIRC.

Posted by Cole, 7:23pm, 29 Sep, 2005

I like the name Neveah. My husband wanted to name our daughter that. I vetoed it then. It liked the way it was Heaven spelled backwards.

Posted by Kortren, 5:31am, 8 Oct, 2005

Quoted from :

"Medusa means "sovereign female wisdom," in Sanskrit it's Medha, Greek Metis, Egyptian Met or Maat."

The Sanskrit and Greek versions sound nice. Still, something tells me it would be better if it started with "C" so it fits with the initials she had carved on that tree..

Posted by dalben, 2:11pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Perhaps Crystal is her real name and Rebecca used some kind of psychic power or converstation with the spirit world to find out..

Posted by taltamir, 3:17pm, 12 Oct, 2005

mmm... Rebecca DID plan the whole thing out. Wasn't she the one who hired crystal to destroy the town to get her in there so she can put her in that device... There probably never WAS a waitress comming in, it was just a trick to keep people from attacking crystal on the spot, and vice versa.

Posted by Kortren, 9:19pm, 12 Oct, 2005

When Rebecca introduces her to Alex as Crystal, she says, "Crystal?! Yes! I'm Crystal..." The way she says it may very well mean that it's her real name, but why didn't she ask Rebecca how she knew her real name? A "client" told her to destroy Spider Cliff, and that the diner is a good place to start, but she wasn't expecting anyone from the town to actually know her.

Then again, I don't think she ever got a chance to ask Rebecca about it before she learned she's a witch (and thus figuring out she learned it through her powers). Also, if the name WAS made up, no one in town has bothered to ask her real name, and she's never cared much to talk about it either.

Oh, the mystery!

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