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Nominate A Name

Posted by Clemence, 4:09pm, 18 Aug, 2005

Since Jason seems reticent about revealing 'Crystal's' TRUE name, I am posting this thread in an attempt to see what kinda creative people we have out there, and maybe give him some ideas.

Let's see who has the best possible name for Crystal. All comers welcome. The weirder the better - remember she is a demon. Though can we keep it to names pronounceable by the human tongue?

Posted by jasonblue, 4:17pm, 18 Aug, 2005

She *does* have a last name, as you will see on the characters subpage on the reference page, though I think she's a bit embarrassed by it. The first name, well that's up to all of you...

Posted by Bright, 4:33pm, 18 Aug, 2005

umm.. i really have no idea. I think it should be latin, since latin is cool, and usually has close spelling and such since the english language derived from it. maybe something about her how she plays the guitar or is a reformed evil entity.

Posted by Manar, 5:01pm, 18 Aug, 2005

I thought her last name was Gorgon-Zola. Or maybe just Zola since she is a Gorgon after all (or half gorgon)

Posted by Clemence, 5:14pm, 18 Aug, 2005

Jason, aren't we becoming a little cheesy with names?

Posted by jasonblue, 5:20pm, 18 Aug, 2005

LOL. Cheesy, yes, but I'm also quoting Wilde...

"This cheese-epic is a rather unsavory production and the style is at times so monstrous and realistic that the author could be called the Gorgon-Zola of literature."


Posted by Mrertvf, 6:02pm, 18 Aug, 2005

I must destroy some more worlds.
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Posted by Clemence, 6:54pm, 18 Aug, 2005


Well there's always Vespertine, Celeste (yes I know Babar's wife!), Savannah, Georgia? I'm feeling they're all quite demonic. Maybe Pennsicola or Idaho, or are they boys names? (Not sure about the spelling there, sorry you Yanks) I have a sudden feeling that we need to get atleast one person named after a US state into the comic, otherwise we'd skew the demographic.

Posted by xanadieu, 12:44am, 19 Aug, 2005

If you're looking for something that may soud cool, but could be taken as demonic; how about Nevaeh! Pronounced Ne- (like in never) -vay! It's Heaven backwards. I figured since she's a demon and since everything in Hell is supposed to be the opposite of Heaven along with stuff you see on T.V. about everything satanic being either backwards or upside down representations of Holy objects, then why not make Crystal's demon name along the same lines. Just a thought!

Posted by MegumiChan06, 2:44am, 19 Aug, 2005

I think that a funny name would be cool. Maybe she could be named after a food or something, like Daiquiri. I also like the names Dakini or Taraka. However, these are just names that would be interesting for a demon. I would really just like to see Crystal to keep being called Crystal. We're all used to it by now and it would be wierd to call her by something else.

Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 5:12pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Crystal, Crystal Meth, Craystal glasses typically used in the movie clue. I think we get the picture.

Posted by manigen, 6:17pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Her name could be funny and demonic, daft enough so that if it were revealed everyone would just keep calling her crystal. How about Spozgar, after her great aunt (twice removed) the zoroastrian demon of thunder storms?

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