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Is English not your first language? Post here!

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Is English not your first language? Post here!

Posted by jasonblue, 8:49pm, 27 Feb, 2007

My cute little Google Analytics map shows dots from all over the world, so I'm trying to get an idea of what languages you fine, patient people speak in RL. This _might_ be related to some new features coming soon to the site. we'll see.

So please, if you don't mind everyone knowing about it, in what languages are you a fluent speaker?

(if, as in my case, the answer is just 'English', please refrain from posting.)

(also, 'l33t' is not a recognized language)

Posted by Vidar, 2:51pm, 28 Feb, 2007

Im swedish.

And I speak swedish to :)

Posted by ijsbeer, 7:55pm, 1 Mar, 2007

I'm Norwegian and speak "Norwegian" fluently. I also speak Dutch fluently.
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Posted by Shinigami, 8:55am, 2 Mar, 2007

I'm Filipino.

I speak tagalog fluently and a few very local dialects...

Posted by jrf, 3:42am, 4 Mar, 2007

I can speak Dutch and English fluently, reasonable Spanish and can sort of understand German, French and Italian ;-)

Posted by Jawaookie, 12:57am, 5 Mar, 2007

Technically, I did speak Korean before I went to school and since then, English has been very dominating and can now only speak a smattering of Korean. :(

Posted by evelyke, 8:09pm, 7 Mar, 2007

I'm from Belgium and I speak Dutch - English - French- German

Posted by Angelblade, 8:29pm, 7 Mar, 2007

English IS my first language, but Mandarin Chinese is my second language and Japanese is my third language.

Posted by Egocentric, 6:31am, 3 Apr, 2007

Do you want us to translate the comic?

I am from Sweden and I speak Swedish and English fluently.
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Posted by Yuu, 9:40am, 5 Jan, 2008

My first language is english, but i speak a little japanese. Sort of :)
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