The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Let's put our heads together!

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Let's put our heads together!

Posted by i8hack, 3:21pm, 18 Aug, 2005

I figure if we put our heads together we might be able to solve this mystery. It's like proofreading a paper. No matter how many times you read it you may not be getting all the mistakes. But someone else can pick it up immediately and find one that you didn't. Personally, I've got about 2 or 3 ideas on different parts of the case, but I'm not able to tie them all together. I am going with the theory that more than one person is involved. I'm leaning towards Alex(somehow trying to prove in his own weird way that the two girls, Crystal and Annabelle, shouldn't be allowed to stay in town because of their evilness) and his mom Rebecca(having a hard time losing any amount of money/mammons). Let me know what you think.


Posted by Manar, 4:59pm, 18 Aug, 2005

My theory is a little of both. I think Alex is innocent but i think the motive is to get rid of Annabelle. One who most definitly would like that to hapend is Barlows dead aunt. She was demonhunter for a long time and would not be happy at having A zombie in the basement and a Demon in her room. Rebecca is the one most likely to do the dirty work for her. Maybe while beeing possessed. She is the one who has contact with the spiritworld after all.

Posted by rora123, 5:35pm, 18 Aug, 2005

exactly thats why its hard to find the exact culprit in this mystery bc with rebecca being able to keep in contact with the spirit world, actually giving them stuff to hold on to and demons being able to show just cant be too sure...and with the holes jason was talking about you cant be too sure right now

Posted by smjjames, 7:56pm, 18 Aug, 2005

yea, there are indications of some kind of supernatural involvement, possession or not. quoted from my post on another thread
"Also, in self service banking, Crystal said she had a wierd feeling from her demon senses, but the sherrif dismissed it, this is likely the same thing as something just beyond our awareness, except that crystal has different senses. This plus the fact that the door wasn't tampered with points to a supernatural cause."

The pieces are falling into place but there are so many induvidual pieces that fit more than one way to others..

Posted by crazyquilter, 1:40am, 19 Aug, 2005

Call me crazy, but I am leaning in a total opposite direction. I think that it is Annabelle. I'm not really sure why, maybe because she was the one who came up with the festival, and she is angry that they are calling it by the other girls name??? Maybe this doesn't make since, it's just a feeling.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 2:50am, 19 Aug, 2005

Well, assuming that the money is in the pie safe, that would mean that only someone with the key (or someone who could easily get access to said key) would have been able to put the money into the pie safe. Also, I'm wondering, if someone had opened the pie safe at some point during the festival, someone would have to had smelled the pies. That's my input on the subject. If you guys come up with anything from it, kudos to you.

Posted by rora123, 3:26am, 19 Aug, 2005

well that's what a lot of people have said earlier...and what happened in one of the chapters...the person that stole the money had to have moved it during the festival...because they had to have moved it from the bean house because barlow and crystal and annabelle were moving in and didnt expect that..and the fact that the vault floor was eaten away...there was no other option....but now the sheriff suspects that the culprit will move it the next few hours and thats why they have to have annabelle watch the safe.....

i still have my suspicions about annabelle that someone could care less about a festival that should have rightfully been hers.....Alex really needs to tell the girls about the information he received that annabelle was given some credit

Posted by smjjames, 10:22am, 19 Aug, 2005

In chapter 9, Rebecca said specifically she sent the key to Aunt Vedalia for safekeeping, in the spirit world. Now clearly this means only rebecca would be recieving the key, unless Vedalia in spirit form is going to possess someone temporarily to do it. I know that Jason already did a possession story, but we didn't really know about the possession until the last couple chapters there. So there could be one in this chapter, but for different reasons.

Also, I think Vedalia would feel wierd bieng in a male body (although in the movies it didn't seem to matter), so maybe she could possess Rebecca or Eliza.

Posted by rora123, 12:19pm, 19 Aug, 2005

where has eliza been in the past chapters anyway?....after the fiasco with her plants we havent seen her at all

Posted by smjjames, 2:49pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Yea, Turnip was missing for a bit. But Eliza wouldn't kill the plants.

Oh yea, look in the previous two chapters in Alex's room (I think its his room), and he has a whole bunch of pictures of Eliza. It may mean no more than just really liking her as some ppl would a rock star.

Posted by Bright, 7:03pm, 19 Aug, 2005

no, its the archives, and thats a wall of all the [past winners of the matrimonial raising contest

Posted by hookman, 5:38am, 22 Aug, 2005

I kinda agree with crazyqiulter in the latest chapter Anabelle was the only 1 watching the pie safe so it could have been the easiest thing for her to move the money some place else but i think the sherrif was nocked out by a POSSESED Anabelle. Great Aunt Vedalia is the mastermind behind this big debacle! She was the 1 that rebbeca gave the key wasnt she.

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