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Story 5 theories

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Posted by LegendaryNAS, 7:38pm, 3 Sep, 2005

I've been wondering that myself, venusEnvy.

Musings and Garden-Variety Rhetorical Questions ...

Posted by venusEnvy, 2:51pm, 4 Sep, 2005

It just occurred to me that the 1940s quote from Arabelle, in which she states that Annabelle was her best friend and she kept the festival going in her memory, is negated by Barlow's recollection of Vedalia's turn of phrase; i.e., that Arabelle was not to be trusted. Therefore Arabelle did *not* consider Annabelle her best friend, and the festival was *not* kept going in her memory. Arabelle's quote also never mentions who started the festival; Alex assumed that's what it meant.

Also, if the town wouldn't accept the circus money, then why was it seized after the war? And how was it seized, since the circus had already sunk in the marsh? And why would it be deposited and used as "stabilization" for mammon currency, when there wasn't any need for stabilization before then?

I find it fascinating that there was no deterioration of the circus people and their belongings in the marsh. That's some powerful preservative action going on there.

Were the plants migrating from the marsh for some reason, or were they put there on purpose? How can the plants be potted (or moved) without killing them, since it's not clear if any of them had previously found mates?

I've been wondering if Rebecca had conjured up the ginkgo fruit (or berries? -- referred to differently in different sections) and somehow the spell was undone. Also, this was a special prize intended for Barlow; it sounds like Rebecca had not baked special things before for the winner -- and the winner is referred to as Barlow and sometimes as the plants. And what special treat would plants like? Dirt.

Posted by smjjames, 3:28pm, 4 Sep, 2005

There ARE real life 'zombies' that is, remains of ppl who have been buried in a marsh or bog thousands of years ago and have been very well preserved. So there is no surprise that the zombies have been very well preserved because you just need the right conditions. And the zombies were only dead for a century or so.

So the preservation of the people and thier belongings is scientifically established, heck, look at Pompeii for a similar example of preservation.

Posted by venusEnvy, 6:51pm, 4 Sep, 2005

LOL. Oh yeah, I forgot this was real. ;) Hee hee!

(But I think those poor bogged down souls were mummies, rather than zombies ... )

Posted by smjjames, 7:38pm, 4 Sep, 2005

I know they were mummies, but they could easily be zombies in Spider Cliff. Just saying that with the right conditions, they could all have been preserved very well.

Posted by smjjames, 1:32am, 5 Sep, 2005

I was right, its a rich soil, like fertilizer.

As for the plants, they look like they were chomped by a herbivore, a messy one, and perhaps a floating one. but an animal the size of a horse or cow could do the same damage here.

The last statement about transformation suddendly makes me think theres some kind of metamorphosis going on. Maybe anabelles memories coming back is another clue in itself as its a big change. So maybe something else is making a huge change or is metamorphosing into something.

Heres a wierd thought, what if, JUST WHAT IF, the paper mammals are much more closely linked biologically to the plants than we currently think or know.. Right now I'm not sure how they would be biologically linked, maybe in a form of symbiosis? or maybe further than that? like somehow they are linked to the plants, or maybe the plants are a form of the mammals or vice versa. although thats getting into the releam of extraterrestrial life forms. I'm talking about much much further than pollination or seed dispersal through animal feces or sticky seedpods here.
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Posted by vicky, 3:18pm, 5 Sep, 2005

Possibly the money is transformed to dirt, and don't t means don't transform the money back. I do not belive that is the case, tough. If I am right anyways, Rebecka has been really greedy lately, and she would be the one able to transform the money.
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Posted by smjjames, 5:08pm, 5 Sep, 2005

Thats a good possibility.She might have been faking panic about the bank robbery and as a witch who can detect lies, I'm sure she knows how to fake things even though the Sherrif said earlier that she is the worst liar ever.

The fact that Eliza said that this soil (also used in the pots from the start) isn't available around Spider Cliff is a good clue. I'm sure she knows what marsh soil is supposed to look like. Although she said just in spider cliff itself, she didn't say that the soil was not from the marsh.

so..... who is Crystal going to ask? I don't think its any of the people that are already there. Alex gave his own alibi, and Eliza's lateness is a little suspicious, but she wouldn't have destroyed the plants like that. this leaves out Annabelle, Turnip, or even Arabelle herself.
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Posted by venusEnvy, 9:35pm, 5 Sep, 2005

Hokay, after a long day at the local Renaissance Faire (and away from the computer), I am still not any closer to an answer than I thought I'd be. I've used statistics from previous mysteries and parallels to other series, and am at a deadlock. I'm not even going to submit theories to the esteemed Mr. Blue due to the fact that everything I thought I understood has turned on its ear.

Guess I've got all of tomorrow to come up with a definitive answer. Until then, the most opposite of any rational answer I can come up with (which is probably right and true, LOL), is ... the culprit is the striped woodscratcher.

ETA: How could anyone have opened the bank vault door from the inside? I think the thief used the secret passageway that led through the alley opening where Barlow found his pink plant nailed up (since it was dark, the thief didn't see that they were nailing up an innocent passing plant). Someone else was on their trail and had access to the bank vault key, which they used to open up the bank vault door to anonymously alert another to the crime without revealing that they knew. The thief became aware the crime was known, and began an elaborate trail of crimes against planthood to obscure their deed.

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Posted by smjjames, 11:39pm, 5 Sep, 2005

lol, it would be pretty funny if the striped woodscratcher was the one who chomped the winning plants.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:21am, 6 Sep, 2005

Yep, yep. That's it. The striped woodscratcher community, one of the species unique to Spider Cliff, was feeling pretty sore at being left out of the long-standing traditions. So they transformed into paper mammals and invaded the town during the trapping contest until they were out of sight, then transformed back. They broke into the pie safe and chomped down all the pies, dug into the plant soil and deposited sugar packets beneath the roots, and scurried into the hole of the bank vault and absconded into the Smoggy Woods with the coins. The soil in the pie safe is actually striped woodscratcher poop -- their final coup de grace.

Posted by smjjames, 11:15am, 6 Sep, 2005

LOL. I know the striped woodscratcher wouldn't have done all that other stuff, but it would make great comedy if it was :)

ok, since the last clue that Jason revealed says Arabelle has nothing to do with the mystery, the only reason she is in the story is because she is tied into the history of Spider Cliff and the festival. So that brings us right back to our group and actually clears some of the excess baggage out of the way and probably makes things clearer, but I'm not sure how atm.

Since Arabelle has nothing to do with the crimes, I'm not too sure Annabelle has anything to do with it. Turnip couldn't be involved in the crimes (other than the initial plant theft, which was more of an eco-protest than a crime cause he readily admitted it) cause he said earlier that he can't open the hatch door in the attic. Its also true that Rebecca has been acting very greedy lately. And how do we know that Eliza, desperate for funding, didn't steal the coins. This all boils down to the prime suspect, Rebecca, she has the MO and with some magic (we don't know the full extent of her magics yet) she could have done the whole thing. BUT who is doing the notes and some of the other peculiarities of the whole mystery?

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