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Story 5 theories

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Posted by i8hack, 2:08pm, 29 Aug, 2005

Maybe not the money, but she might have been buried with the key to the vault. Therefore, whoever dug up her grave has the key to the bank vault.

Posted by venusEnvy, 2:20pm, 29 Aug, 2005

But why would they remove her body too?

BTW, didn't Annabelle say that Arabelle was buried in the most lavish crypt, yet Barlow was standing in front of her burial site, which was a plain old grave?

ETA: I just went back and checked -- the Sheriff said that someone lost the bank vault key in 1951, and Arabelle was buried "over sixty years ago," according to Annabelle.

Ans something else that bothers me ... Eliza is so concerned about plants that she doesnn't eat anything but lichen and moss, but she makes ink from plants? Wouldn't she have to kill the plants to do that?
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Posted by jasonblue, 2:49pm, 29 Aug, 2005

Apparently Annabelle seems to exaggerate. EIther that, or I should do more proofreading. Okay, I will need to go back and "fix up" a few chapters, but here's the fyi:

-- make that "over 50 years ago"
-- it's a grave, not a crypt
-- as under-reported by Barlow, there is nothing in Arabelle's empty grave.

Does Eliza kill the plants to make ink? I doubt it. Tapping syrup doesn't kill a maple tree.

--update: I used my magic time-machine to fix things up proper.
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Posted by venusEnvy, 2:54pm, 29 Aug, 2005

But are the plants annuals, or perennials (or biennials)? If they were perennials, like a tree, then it wouldn't kill them, no, but I was thinking along the lines that they were annuals or biennials, which are too fragile to tap.

(The word tap seems to keep popping up too, might I add...)

Posted by jasonblue, 3:09pm, 29 Aug, 2005

They can be tapped, but the amount you get out of them is really quite small... and you have to use a very small needle. For years I've been refilling my ink-jet cartridges with matrimonial sap.

Posted by venusEnvy, 3:11pm, 29 Aug, 2005

And you're not going to share?! Harrumph. ;)

Posted by smjjames, 4:29pm, 29 Aug, 2005

yea, and dyes can be made from leaves or flowers, so she could easily remove a small part or the tip of a leaf and the plant would be fine. So there are ways she can do it and not kill the plant.

Since the dye can come from other plants, she doesnt need to damage a matrimonial to do it.

As for the key, I said elsewhere that the key might not be a physical key, but theres nothing to suggest that it isn't a physical key right now.

As for the 1951 year of Arabelles death, I'm sure thier year is the same as ours, 2005, so yea it would be true if Annabelle said over 50 years ago, BUT, I assumed Arabelle died in that year, she could have died a year or 5 years earlier.
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Barlow's plants

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 10:21pm, 29 Aug, 2005

I'm not suggesting that Barlow is gay if both plants really are the same color. What I am suggesting is that having two plants of the same color may mean somthing else BESIDES being gay.

Posted by smjjames, 1:16am, 30 Aug, 2005

well they were definetly very close friends when they were alive. I think the reason why Arabelle became bitter is because of her friends death. and she really was telling the truth when she dedicated it to her friend.

even though Anabelle had a brain cramp (literally), we already know the answer to Arabelles reaction, she favored it and later in life dedicated it to Annabelle.

I'm not sure where Arabelles corpse comes into play here....
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Posted by venusEnvy, 9:07am, 30 Aug, 2005

Yay, I was right about the tap! And I wonder what nutrients the plants leached from the soil ...

Posted by smjjames, 9:57am, 30 Aug, 2005

it must be some sort of special nutrient rather than the usual nutrients that plants get from the soil. Maybe Jason could have eliza see what sort of nutrients there are in the soil. As a biologist, I'm sure she will know some chemistry, but I don't think she even has the equipment to properly analyze the soil.

About the winner...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 1:54pm, 30 Aug, 2005

What if Arabelle wants Annabelle to win the contest?

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