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Story 5 theories

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It could be...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 9:31pm, 22 Aug, 2005

More often than not, the truth is right in front of and we're not seeing it.

Perhaps someone has taken the money to give worth to the currency that the Circus people used.


Why was Annabelle's blue matrimonial the only one affected by the sugar packet and not the purple one?

Posted by smjjames, 11:10pm, 22 Aug, 2005

yea, that one was wierd.

One possibility is that their root systems don't actually intertwine below ground, so only enough sugar had seeped out to affect the male plant, but not enough to affect the female plant.

In the others, the sugar was in there longer so it affected both plants, but she pulled it out in time.

However we really don't know enough of the Matrimonials biology to know for sure. But what I said can still make sense biologically.

Posted by i8hack, 9:55am, 23 Aug, 2005

Legendary, I've been having that feeling with this story too. It seems like we are missing something that should be right in front of us. I've even gone back and re-read the other previous stories where we meet each character for the first time or get a little more history about them to see if something they said then could give us a clue. As frustrating as this is not being able to figure this out, I find myself getting sooo excited when I see a new chapter posted. On that note, anyone know when the next one is due???
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Posted by smjjames, 10:36am, 23 Aug, 2005

Next one should be due tomorrow, Jason had to catch up on the chapters last week so the scheduling of them got skewed.

Posted by i8hack, 12:56pm, 24 Aug, 2005

Wow, great chapter Jason. Here's an off the wall idea, see what you guys think. With the knowledge that Arabelle's grave is vacant, could she be a zombie back from the dead too. Also, could there be instances where the characters thought they were talking to Annabelle when it was actually Arabelle. Annabelle seemed upset at the beginning when everyone thought the festival was in honor of Arabelle. Then in the middle of this story she was melancholy about whether or not people knew it was her festival. Then a few chapters ago she was adamant about it being about her. Could Arabelle have taken her spot at some point in time without anyone knowing. And since Arabelle is A.B. Cathaway she might have an extra key to the bank vault. Let me know what you think.

Posted by smjjames, 2:03pm, 24 Aug, 2005

One thing though is that she died when she was really old and Anabelle died when she was a young woman so I really doubt that she would look like Annabelle. Plus she had black hair instead of red (the picture in the bank).

If you guys got all three clues, you'd have found the note that was also made with blue ink. So its likely theres only one person behind this, or at least only one person who is writing the notes. Since its confirmed she was the banker and that pic was from the 40s, so she had to be in her 60s at least, and assuming she died about 1951, she may have taken the key with her to the grave.

In fact, maybe the key isn't even a physical key at all, but a spell or a word.

However, if she arose in spirit form and not as a zombie, its possible she possessed Anabelle, making her statements change through the chapters.

Alex also kinda implicated himself and he did seem to stumble over his words. Cause he 'sorta' knew what to look for when theres a desecrated grave.
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Posted by i8hack, 2:29pm, 24 Aug, 2005

That's a good point about maybe the key being something not physical. And the fact that she was a witch hmmm. . . . . .

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 6:51pm, 24 Aug, 2005

Its all too obvious to me now that we are dealing with two 'invisible' people here. One who is trying to help out in solving the case without being known and the other causing trouble. Apparently, we misinterepreted what was founfd in hidden room at the Bean House as someone trying to do something bad. The reason Annabelle got that note telling her not to go into Barlow's room, was because the person who wrote it didn't want her to get hurt by something.

It may even be possible that someone is killing the plants on purpose because the plants THEMSELVES are somehow bad.

By the way, what was that comment Crystal made about the Sheriff going to the graveyard yesterday? Why did the sheriff go there?
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Posted by smjjames, 7:28pm, 24 Aug, 2005

yea, but get hurt by what? She already knows about Barlows gay plants, the setup was for something stationary. Maybe the note was actually to stop Annabelle from messing up the clever trap.

I agree that theres two people, everything from the start suggests at least two people because of the complexity of things.

compiled some facts and came up with a conclusion

Posted by smjjames, 9:50pm, 24 Aug, 2005

In the Horticultural lifestyle, a comment came up, but wasnt flagged as a clue, Annabelle said that the bedcovers were dragged through dirt. Maybe they were bieng used to cover or transport something, or it may have something to do with Arabelles grave

Eliza said that Matrimonials are sensitive to emotional cues from the people around them. Aunt Vedalia wasnt a very warm and affectionate person, so she was unable to get her matrimonials to pair up, and she was an old maid.

In the last chapter, they said that Arabelle was bitter and stuff, AND she was an old maid

The fourth clue in The old maid, Eliza said that same color pairings in the wild are extremly rare and the probablility is insignificant comparered to the number of people in the festival.

When the sherrif said that barlows case connects to thiers, that means a common point. and I think that common point is Arabelle.

Also, why did Arabelle become sour in her old age? she was a cheerful person in her youth. Maybe she felt bitter about the festival not bieng celebrated for the right reasons or something and she is trying to help Anabelle win so that its celebrated for yhe right person. Since she was in her old age when she made the statement about the festival bieng dedicated to her friend, maybe she meant it. Maybe Anabelle and Arabelle really were close friends while they were both alive, and maybe Anabelle only remembers the pranks Arabelle played on her and not the good times or laughs.

So as of now, all the clues are beginning to revolve around Arabelle and Anabelle has some connection to all this. Maybe Arabelles spirit is using pranks to try and make things right.

Posted by Manar, 2:57am, 25 Aug, 2005

I think that Arabelles feelings for Annabelle are a little bit deeper than that. I think she actually is in love with Annabelle. She just did those tricks on Annabelle to get her attention. It just did not work out well in the end. If Arabelle is an lesbian then it might be her emotions that the plants picked up and resulted in Barlows odd pairing.

It does not explain why Annabelles plant got sugered too.

It could also be that the plants all have a shared mind. That they have some small brain of their own hidden inside. It would that brain that Annabelles braintap gets filled up from. It might be why someone (Arabelle ? ) kills the plants. She wants to protect Annabelle from the plants that want to see her dead(er).

Posted by rora123, 4:27am, 25 Aug, 2005

that theory would go under the category of were-plants.....

i doubt the plants that annabelle loved would try to kill her...arabelle was an old maid her plant never attracted a mate...and if she was a lesbian wouldnt it attract a female plant or like what barlow has? no i believe she was just not meant to be with anyone....

its an outside force killing the plants the plants themselves wouldnt contaminate their own soil
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