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Story 5 theories

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Posted by LegendaryNAS, 4:07pm, 20 Aug, 2005

My other computer finally went back online. Here's that doc I told ya about. Have at it!

Barlow: So, the sheriff still likes to trap your species. He’s getting older and after he’s gone this way of life will be seen as barbaric. You just have to hold out a little longer.

Barlow: Vedalia never used the vault. I never knew why, but she never opened it and forbade me from going in there.

Barlow: There’s something odd here…it looks like…metal filings. It appears that someone opened this vault recently. Odd.

Barlow: I just remembered why my Aunt Vedalia never used that vault…the floorboards are completely rotted through.


Alex: We’ll see…there’s plenty of ways to get into this house without being seen…

Alex: Things are true if they are recorded in our town archives. If its not in our archives in the Municipal Building, it didn’t happen.

Alex: (Referring to framing the girls) I won’t have to, if I can trick them into revealing their true selves, which I think is entirely possible.


Annabelle: Your giving me mixed messages here. I’m supposed to follow orders given to me by demons…namely the most powerful demon present. Your orders are the only thing holding me back from eating townsfolk, you know.

Crystal: There are NO evil forces at work here, Barlow. And I would know. My demon senses can detect any other evil creatures in the area, and trust me…no suspicious characters have shown up since this festival began.

Annabelle: Sure, paper mammals and zombies might live in the same marsh, but we operate on completely different levels of being. There’s no natural interaction between us, so those little critters don’t know enough to stay away from me like they do with living predators

Barlow: (Referring to the shack in the alleyways) Come to think of it, there’s no latch on the inside of the door. I wonder how they got stuck in there.*

*The sheriff was the one who locked the paper animals in shed. He planned to use them as a reserve in case he was losing in the trapping contest. This also explains his lack of sleep.

Alex: Funny…I was in the marsh for hours during the trapping contest. I didn’t see him at all…

Turnip: Barlow, I stole the plants.


Sheriff: Crystal, this is indeed our currency here. They’re called “mammons” because they’re made from the hides of paper mammals. They’re roughly equal to the dollars you use in the outside world.

Sheriff: The mammon as a currency is backed by three million of your dollars, deposited in out local Spider Cliff bank.

Sheriff: I provide the mammal skins for the paper. Barlow makes woodcut blocks for the design. Eliza distills the ink from some plants in the marsh. Rebecca serves as our treasurer, taking old bills out of circulation.

Sheriff: Someone lost the key to the vault in 1951. The vault hasn’t been opened since then.

Rebecca: (Regarding the pies) I won’t have to (watch them). They’ll be locked up all weekend in a specially-constructed safe. And the safe can only be opened by one key, and I’m going to send that key over to the spirit world for the weekend for added security.

Annabelle: (Regarding the paper she holds) I have no idea. Someone probably tracked it in or something. It was up in that room with all the paper mammals on the wall.

The paper that Annabelle found is from the bank.

The bank has been robbed late last night.

Sheriff: Rarely do I see anything lying around a crime scene with a big sign saying “Clue” From the looks of things, this was done by a professional, someone who wouldn’t leave clues behind.

Crystal: Since the vault was opened from the inside, the only way in would have been through the back corner that’s open to the elements. The hole is too small for a person to fit through and the outside wall would give mountain climbers fits.

Crystal: No self respecting banker is going to “lose” the key to the vault. It’s just too suspicious. That Cathaway hag hanging on the wall back there probably had a good reason for keeping people out of the vault.

Sheriff: All I can say is that if there was a crime committed, Turnip is the one responsible.

According to the Sheriff, there were bags of old coins in the vault.

Sheriff: Sure, it’s the best place to hide something temporarily. Rebecca’s big pie safe is right in the middle of the town square. Easy to get to, and the smell of those awful pies will keep people from looking in there.


Rebecca: Well…maybe I could (conjur up money), but I wouldn’t do that. It would devalue our money supply, and I wouldn’t do anything like that to the rest of you. I’d be rich, but the rest of you would be worse off. I just couldn’t cheat you like that.

Rebecca: If I have to raise prices or something else has to happens, it only involves the eight of us.

Rebecca: (If there are no winners) I guess that’s just more for me. It’s very possible actually…since I’m also judging the contests.

Rachel: (About making a profit at the festival) Okay, I’m making quite a bit, but I don’t know how much exactly. It all depends on how things go.

Rebecca: (Not being concerned about the death of her plant) Well, I’m not. I shouldn’t have entered the contest myself. I need to focus on getting the most out of this festival. It’s a big investment for me


Rebecca: Your right, there was (more activities), but as more and more people moved out and passed away, we’ve lost touch with a lot of the stuff that makes Spider Cliff unique

Alex: (Regarding the brochure) It was pinned up on the board in the diner. I assume my mother found it while she was preparing for the current festival.

The contests in the festival have a long tradition of cheating.


Sheriff: Barlow’s mind got poisoned by that insidious mammal friend of his…who tricked him into thinking that certain traditions we hold are unsuitable in modern society.

Barlow: (On the possibility of the sheriff writing the note) Your right. The sheriff wouldn't write you an anonymous note. He keeps no secret about his attitude towards you.


Annabelle: Too many times (has she stolen boys away from me!) She was either always putting me down or trying to take credit for things I did right.

Annabelle: (referring how the circus folk saved the plants and animals) It was those fools from Spider Cliff, trying to remake the world into something else. They were the real menace. But somehow the good that we did and the bad that they did got mixed together into this crazy holiday.

Annabelle: Spider cliff shouldn’t be having this festival! They shouldn’t be celebrating like this at all!

Annabelle: Fortunately, I don’t have to worry (about Arabelle being here). She died over sixty years ago. It’s the first thing I checked when I came out of the swamp.

Barlow: So it looks like something Vedalia said something nice, but really it’s a message that this Arabelle is not to be believed or trusted.

Alex: (From a quote in the 1940s) The quote was from Arabelle Cathaway, stating that she kept the Preservation Festival going to honor her best friend Annabelle, who by that time was long dead.


Annabelle: (About the brains coming out of the pipe) It smells like intelligent brains, too…but a little bit evil.

Annabelle: (About the pipe running out of brains) I don’t think there’s much to worry about. This old faucet leaks out a lot of brains, and its probably been doing that for a very long time. If it was going to dry out it would’ve done it a long time ago.


Eliza: (About matrimonials) We just know that these plants hate to be alone. If you leave one out in a flowerpot overnight, there will be two in the flowerpot the next morning. We still have no idea how they move around like that.

Rebecca: If your plant doesn’t attract a mate, you are out of the competition.

Rebecca: The largest pair will be the winners, provided they are free from blemishes. Of course if one or both of the plants die, you’ll be disqualified.

Eliza: (Regarding equipment she’s using) Oh, that’s for my study of the matrimonials. I’m trying to use this camera equipment to learn how the matrimonials get paired up together. There’s a motion sensor that I’m attaching to one of the plants.

Turnip: It’s not like you wouldn’t have found the plants eventually, anyway. They would’ve got loose…they’re lured away by better soil or better lighting.

Annabelle: When two matrimonials pair up, its death do us part. If you pull them apart, or even take them out of their soil, they’ll die immediately. You can never move matrimonials that don’t want to move.

Barlow: In Spider Cliff, killing matrimonials IS illegal. There’s a law against it.

Alex: Every winner in the contest gets to have their picture taken…with their plants…and that picture hangs in the Gallery of Achievement in the Municipal Building!

Eliza: I moved my tent up here to be in range. A matrimonial will attract a mate in a range of 803 meters…we had the proper number and proportion of available suitors in the town square.

Eliza: Vedalia was also unable to get a matrimonial in her care to find a mate. And without a mate, they just wither and die.

Eliza: In the wild, pairings of same color matrimonials are extremely rare…the probability is insignificant when compared to the small number of people in the contest. It’s not that it couldn’t happen, but in theory it’s statistically impossible.

When Barlow was young, Restivald the dressmaker took part in the Preservation Festival each year, and each year his matrimonies were both blue.

Alex: Sugar is highly toxic to matrimonials, you know.


Rebecca: For the festival, Eliza pitched her tent right up next to the edge of town. She’s still the farthest away of everyone, but she’s not all that far.

Barlow: Because of the way the alley twists and turns, each of these ways takes longer than the normal streets…but if someone wanted to get around without being seen…

The alley is connected to the edge of town, the Bean house and the town square where the festival is being held.

Alex: Foul play? I guess its possible. While the trapping contest was going on, I left my plants near the starting point. But Annabelle left here plants there too, and they’re fine.

Alex: (To Barlow) Well, its entirely possible that you’re being set up to win.


Turnip: I got this letter this morning (as he was investigating this mystery in the attic). It's a death threat.

Turnip: (Regarding the room between Barlow's and Crystal's) That's the color! (Referring to a brush found on a table) I bet this is where the note was written.

There's a schematic of Barlow's room in the small space with the time '6:25'. It shows a bunch of lines bouncing around the room.

Posted by rora123, 5:59pm, 20 Aug, 2005

wow thats great legendary!.....looking over the clues it reaffirms some of my suspicions.....but really thanks for that

New questions......

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 8:12pm, 20 Aug, 2005

Just thinking as I'm reading over the clues.....

What, if anything, did the Bean House vault hold?
How does the brain pipe fit into all of this?
If Arabelle Cathaway is not to be trusted, what is the real reason for her keeping the Preservation festival going?
How did Turnip steal the plants which were in pots at the time? (They had to have been heavy)

Posted by smjjames, 2:52pm, 21 Aug, 2005

yea, I have been wondering about the plant theft thing. I did say in the shout box some time ago that Turnip may have teamed with someone to steal the plants and take the blame for it to maybe cover up or distract attention from something else. Its possible the plants were taken so that someone would taint the soil. If it was a distraction, it MIGHT be to distract ppl while the coins were bieng moved to the vault if they werent already there. Since Eliza said that she saw a bunch of mammals with the pots, its posible with some teamwork that maybe 3 or 4 mammals would have carried them off. So, whatever is going on, the plant theft will be one of the major links I'm sure.

We'll see tomorrow :)

hopefully we find out who did this soon!

Posted by rora123, 2:44am, 22 Aug, 2005

i must say it is leaning towards rebecca and alex.... well more towards rebecca at least.....i guess devaluing the mammons just leads to more theories and so on...perhaps greed really got to rebecca....
and turnip was the one that was really the only reason that barlow wouldnt participate in the festival, but rebecca was really admant that he join in the festivities, so to stop turnip or distract him from ruining the festival, she decides to send him a threatening note so he would go off and search for whoever sent it.

And she really is the only one that has access to the spirit world, and to gain more money she sold people sugar soil (BUT THE QUESTION I HAVE, IS THAT DIDNT CRYSTAL BUY SOIL FROM REBECCA? WHY HASNT IT DIED? ) sorry for the caps. I just went back a couple of chapters and it didnt look like crystal took the soil since she was distracted from the wind blowing rebecca's plant off the table....aannd rebecca states that the festival is a big investment....maybe she meant not only swindling the few patrons of spidercliff but stealing the 3 mill instead......
or rebecca is framing crystal since annabelle found a sugar packet in her far crystal has had no mishaps with her plant

ok im done.

*edit oh! might be that rebecca doesnt want anyone to win the pies because duh the money is in the safe and since she made the pies why wouldnt she keep them? might as well take out the main people that would want to win like eliza and barlow bc he is well in fact the only one that likes the pies and eliza loves to win
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Posted by eeyore, 6:27am, 22 Aug, 2005

this may be compleatly off track but I keep thinking there has to be a connection to the circus folk. Maybe the vault really heald their old currancy and not the 3mil that it was suppose to have. Meanwhile maybe the key was actaully in the bean vault, explaning why someone broke into that vault.

Posted by smjjames, 10:17am, 22 Aug, 2005

You have a theory there Eeyore..

Posted by smjjames, 10:27am, 22 Aug, 2005

hmm, since sugar packets are the cause of the poisoning.. Hey guys, I think the sugar packets are actually another clue all to themselves!

Now where would you typically find sugar packets and what would they be used for.... in a Cafe for coffee! Those packets had to have come from Rebeccas Cafe. So this is another clue all to themselves.

However rebecca herself couldnt have put them in the soil when they were stolen, she was with Barlow. I don't think they would have been in the soil she sold ppl since it would have been too easily noticed.

So maybe she or someome planted them later on. I'm not sure if Alex was faking or not when his plants died.

Posted by i8hack, 3:19pm, 22 Aug, 2005

Has anyone else noticed that this story is called the third vault and in the story we have the bank vault, Rebecca's vault which is allegedly storing the pies, and the vault at the Bean Mansion. I wonder if this was a coincidence. I think not, and I'm sure all 3 vaults will somehow be intricately involved in the solution to the mystery.

Posted by eeyore, 5:02pm, 22 Aug, 2005

i8hack I've been thinking that for a long time. to me the idea that the money is stored in the pie vault just seems to simplistic though. there has to be some other relationhip.

Posted by smjjames, 5:09pm, 22 Aug, 2005

yea, we did get some new info with this one, but its stuff that strengthens already known links and not neccesarily anything that would create a revelation of an idea.

The clues are:

Annabelle has trouble thinking of positive things from her past life, could have to do with bieng a zombie (I don't know where that clue fits in, but if its a clue, then its important)

The Circus folk had thier own currency but Spider Cliff wouldn't accept it.

and Annabelles discovery of the sugar packet in her pot.
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Posted by lldop, 6:37pm, 22 Aug, 2005

yeah well we knew that already

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