The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 5 theories

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Posted by smjjames, 12:50am, 19 Aug, 2005

not sure about alex's but let me check.

Yea she was there when Alex's died. This might not mean anything, but in Spider Cliff, its likely. Its possible she is somehow unconsciously eminating something or somehow allowing something to kill the plants, which might be what the strange feeling was she had at the bank.
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Posted by rora123, 3:33am, 19 Aug, 2005

hahaha were-plants...i loved that....picture them rampaging through spidercliff =0)

well maybe wherever the money was located the plants have a strange reaction to it....the money is made out of dead paper mammals and since they normally take care of the plants....and its a psychological thing

but hey im pulling this theory out of nowhere but hey it could happen!

The money wasn't made of paper mammals....

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 9:15am, 19 Aug, 2005

According to the sheriff, there were bags of coins in the bank.....

Posted by jasonblue, 9:59am, 19 Aug, 2005

Not a bad theory, rora,

by as stated above the money were all in coinage.

But if you wanted to, you could ask yourself the following question...
What use could someone have for all those coins?

I'm not in the habit of revealing clues outside of the chapters, someone will be asking that question next week.

Posted by smjjames, 10:12am, 19 Aug, 2005

what html script do you use to hide text like that?

As far as who could use the coins. Well theres several possibilities. One is that Rebecca wants to stop using the mammal paper currency and use the coins instead, 3 million is plenty for 6 ppl, although the economy would go all wierd with high prices.

Did they say what kind of metal they were? gold? One thought would be that someone wants to melt them down for some reason, but Spider Cliff doesn't have anything like that,

actually, in the previous stories, there was a boom years in the late 19th century or so. Was this 'boom years' caused by mining?

There is also Eliza cause maybe she wants more money to fund her research.

These are just a few ideas thrown out there.

Posted by rora123, 12:59pm, 19 Aug, 2005

there are a number of reasons why someone would do all this

the main reasons i think are:

-either to devalue the worth of the mammons(i do realize that it is bags of coins now =0)

-to gain more wealth (although i think you have to give some credit to rebecca-she is already one of the wealthiest people in town and stealing the rest would mean devaluing it to the rest of the people in spidercliff)

-revenge( that would go for eliza or annabelle- it depends on the timeline of the robbery....was the vault robbed way before the festivities? or during when the person knew i.e the sheriff would be too busy with the the hunting festival to bother checking the vault, although, now they took him out of the picture bc he learned to much)

those are the main reasons i now it depends on which one is solid
if there are anymore please enlighten me

but now this last chapter at least barlow is right about one thing that he has to assume that everybody is a suspect not only the ones in the competition.......but it still doesnt give us very much

Posted by smjjames, 2:46pm, 19 Aug, 2005

I don't think it was Annabelle, since she takes orders well. And there was a note on Barlows door that was similar to the threat note.

This is pointing a bit more towards Alex cause he is trying to frame Annabelle and Crystal and he could have poisoned two of the plants, doesnt explain Rebecca's though unless she is in on it.

Since Alex has read ALOT of books in town, I'm sure he has read a couple books on code writing stuff and a couple math books. So he is clever enough to set up the trap and to elaborately hide his handwriting. Also, he said earlier that there are ways of getting into and through the house without bieng seen.

So alot of clues point to Alex, but some things just don't connect.

Also, is anybody able to find the second clue? I can only find one.
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Posted by i8hack, 3:37pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Well James, looks likes we're on the same line of thinking. I've always thought it was a family conspiracy.

Alex wants Crystal and Annabelle out of Spider Cliff.

Rebecca, we found out in this story, is extremely wealthy and extremely stingy when it comes to spending a buck.

Rebecca gave everyone wax and soil. . .could be tainted and she killed hers to throw everyone off.

She gave the key to the safe to the spirit world but said they went away and wouldn't be back till after the festival. She's the only one who can contact them, how do we know she's not lying.

I just can't seem to tie it altogether yet.

2nd clue for latest chapter comes from Crystal. One of the conversations will give you a 3rd option about the secret rooms.

Posted by smjjames, 3:49pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Yea, I got it. Apparently they found out about it from Rebecca and Alex probably knows about it too. Turnip is now excluded out.

As far as getting to the bank vault, its POSSIBLE she asked A.B. Callaway's spirit for the key if she did take it to her with the spirit world or she knew where the key was really bieng kept and did it that way since I don't think Alex would fit through that crack easily.

With two people, it would take at least 2 nights so its much more feasable that way. and BOTH have motives.

Posted by Manar, 6:17pm, 19 Aug, 2005

The question about who would have use for the coins has been bugging me too. The only coin operated macheinery we know if in Spider cliff is the Judge. But who could want 3 million veredicts ? Is someone trying to judge the whole spiritworld so they all get entrance to heaven ? ;-)

Posted by smjjames, 12:21am, 20 Aug, 2005

Theres nothing pointing to that, its a nice theory though.

The clues are creating huge parts of the picture and its clearer. Theres still some big holes in the picture. Like just who is poisoning the plants, who stole the coins, and what is bieng planned for the coinage.

I8hack has some good points there, so right now it really looks like Rebecca and Alex are doing something. Crystal probably should watch out cause maybe the D..o..n..t..t was warning her not to reveal whats going on to rebecca or anybody else.


Posted by LegendaryNAS, 10:41am, 20 Aug, 2005

There are just too many clues that don't add up. At best, anything we come up with here now are just shots in the dark. Granted, we've done pretty well with the ones we were given, but unless we can figure out what that one question the Sheriff mentioned is, we can't tie it all together.
Right now, I'm placing my bet on Eliza being related to the going ons in town. She has the smarts and the expertise to shed light on the mystery.

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