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Story 5 theories

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Posted by manigen, 6:01am, 7 Sep, 2005

Very, very funny.
And a great little twist to boot, after all it's always the one you least suspect.

Posted by Manar, 8:01am, 7 Sep, 2005

It is a nice solution, but it still does not tell where the real money is. I dismissed the idea of the circus money because the Sheriff said to Crystal that the mammons was backed up by 3 millions in "your dollars". Crystal is clearly not from the circus so the money that backed up the mammon could not be those wooden ones. Still those real dollars are gone.

Also if for some reason the backing up money realy was the wooden ones then that means the Cliffs economy is bankrupt now, since all the money is worthless, and has been so from the start.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:23am, 7 Sep, 2005

Well, Manar, the sheriff never said he checked in the money bags, so he probably just thought they were a regular (read "our") sort of coins.

This is definitely cute, yet I feel a bit cheated by this solution. I can accept that the brain matter could have an effect on the plants, but the faucet was not shown to be actually leaking. It stays off until Annabelle turns it on in Chapter 8, and she made no mention of finding it leaking previously when she found it, just that "it's probably been leaking." She turns it on, she turns it off, it is clearly NOT leaking then. The tap that Barlow turned on in the previous story also did not leak. He turned it on, the gook came out, he turned it off.

I can accept that the brain matter could have given the plants a higher intellignce, but I can't suspend disbelief enough to accept that it could have embued unwordly strength that they could wield a shovel and move mass quantities of various and sundry items such as fertilizer, old maid's skeletons, etc. I take it they slurped up the pies, then, tins and all? And open three safes? With what, their wee, nimble roots? I would have expected trails of this enriched fertilizer throughout town, through the alleyway, etc, but maybe it's just me.

I know, I know. If I think I can do better ... well, I can't. I have enjoyed myself immensely here and will continue to do so unless those zombies actually do sneak up on me. Because that would like, you know, suck. :)

Posted by jasonblue, 10:37am, 7 Sep, 2005

Manar is the closest, by previously asking if the plants did it. Of course I couldn't say anything then but that's were the 150 mammon are going. Then was, buried way down in the story somewhere, a clue that suggested that the "money" gradually grew in importance over the years.

I don't see anything unfair about this mystery. It's just another case of "when good plants go bad"

Posted by smjjames, 11:24am, 7 Sep, 2005

hey Jason, since you released it very early this morning (was actually late night for me), are you going to start the new story today or Friday?

Posted by venusEnvy, 11:39am, 7 Sep, 2005

No no no, I never said it was unfair. I thought you might want any and all feedback, and the why behind it.

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 11:56am, 7 Sep, 2005

I'll be darned.....I was nearly right all along with the were-plant theory. I was THIS close to putting it all together. If only I had taken into consideration the time factor and so forth, I might have. But there are so many unanswered questions. Like where did the pies in the safe go? And, of course, how the matrimonials move. You have a lot of work ahead of you jason to provide the answers to them. ;)

Posted by Manar, 5:08pm, 7 Sep, 2005

Manar is the closest, by previously asking if the plants did it.

YES! The swedish super-sleuth strikes again!!
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Posted by taltamir, 3:01am, 11 Oct, 2005

The brain spigot wasn't leaking in its outlet, the tubes that lead it from its origin to annabelles room are leaking, probably into the ground, where the plants soak it up...

And the spigot's brains increase annabelles and the plants intelligence, but they grant no further powers. All other powers the plants had they ALWAYS had, keep in mind that those are matramonials we are talking about, highly magical and locamotiveable plants.

And yes, the economy is now bankrupt. Arrabelle took the key with her to the underworld because she realised that the 3 mil in pennies locked in the safe were starting to rot as they were minted from wood. She thus told the people she lost the keys and they need to print alternative money that will be backed by whats in the safe. The sheriff checked and saw the bags were there, he did not realise they contained nothing but furterliser

Posted by Rognik, 1:29am, 12 Oct, 2005

So does that mean that the mammon is worthless, or will they just need to find some new precious commodity to back up their money?

Posted by taltamir, 1:31am, 12 Oct, 2005

Or they can just not back their money up with anything... like every modern government does.

they are probably not thinking about it too much. Why dwell.

the money wasn't of any use to them as they are totally self sufficient. Its just something they can use in the outside world.
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Posted by Rognik, 1:33am, 12 Oct, 2005

Not every modern government. Why do you think there's so much gold in Fort Knox? It's backing up the old greenback, and I'm pretty sure other countries have the same sort of situation backing up their money, be it gold, diamonds or something else. Heck, Spider Cliff could use swamp gas if it was combustable like oil!

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