The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 5 theories

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Posted by Manar, 6:40pm, 6 Sep, 2005

Okay here are some more questions for you Jason.

Can the plants move on their own.

Are the plants greedy for the soil in the safe.

Did the plants kill each other ?

Posted by smjjames, 7:24pm, 6 Sep, 2005

lol Venusenvy.

Thats a big one we all want to know Manar, can the plants move on thier own (whether by physical or magical/supernatural means).

Posted by venusEnvy, 7:29pm, 6 Sep, 2005

... or by command?

Posted by jasonblue, 7:33pm, 6 Sep, 2005

-- Do the plants move on their own?
yes and no...

It is probable that their "movement" is a product of chemical processes not unlike photosynthesis. The natural purpose of this migration may stem from a symbotic relationship between the male and female of the species.
-- from "A Study of the Social Interactions of Pteridophyta Cyatheales Matrimonus" by Eilza Blake

Posted by smjjames, 7:35pm, 6 Sep, 2005

ok, I think Eliza robbed the bank because she was desparate for funding and the money is really in her garden?... doesnt make much sense and leaves out other stuff too.

Maybe the money was never moved in the first place, maybe its actually still in the bank, but hidden somehow.

as for the D O N 'T T...

don't touch something? as in don't touch the brains from the brain faucet?

don't tell someone something?

don't take something?
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Posted by smjjames, 7:38pm, 6 Sep, 2005

that makes some sense Jason, after all, look at Venus Flytraps, the plant that folds its leaves when touched (don't remember the species right now), although those have more to do with water tension or something than chemestry, but what he said is not beyond the realm of known Biology.

I looked at the species name and you classified the Matrimonials as Tree Ferns :) is that a clue?
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Well, well, well.....

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 8:22pm, 6 Sep, 2005

So Arabelle was just a red herring, eh? Man, I knew there had to be one in the story somewhere.....


WHATEVER BARLOW DOES, DON'T TAKE HIS PICTURE! THE FLASH WILL......(shot with a tranquilizer dart before he can finish)...zzzzzzzzzz.......

Posted by smjjames, 8:30pm, 6 Sep, 2005

LOL, even though Jason said the cliue wasn't about taking a picture, but why did someone not want Eliza to know what the pictures she took were? maybe because they held a clue to the crime, or because the flash does something...

Posted by smjjames, 8:46pm, 6 Sep, 2005

I looked at the missing corpse chapter and I realized something, Barlow said some time earlier that the only working piping was in the basement, and the pipe clearly goes under the house. So, is the brain faucet linked to the blue ink somehow?

However, if something made her look up, then maybe she heard something or saw the shadow of something and someone was waiting over the railing to dump the ink on her, but why? maybe to limit her activities or distract her for a time because she said she spent much of the day washing the ink off.

Posted by venusEnvy, 9:10pm, 6 Sep, 2005

jasonblue, sweetie, am I as close to the answer as those zombies are to me? ;) Or do I need to migrate further?

Bout the zombies.....

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 12:51am, 7 Sep, 2005

*pulls out a ten gauge shot gun*

BRING EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by smjjames, 1:32am, 7 Sep, 2005

I totally get it now, although it still doesn't explain how they moved around. and as for the nickels, they would have rotted over the century and made a fine fertilizer.

and the ending is SO FUNNY! LOLZ!

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