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Story 5 theories

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Story 5 theories

Posted by jasonblue, 5:56pm, 17 Aug, 2005

Here is a place to share your theories on story #5, "The Third Vault". Please remember that this thread will be locked to you until you've finished the latest chapter!

Posted by rora123, 7:20pm, 17 Aug, 2005

Looks like people are still used to the shout board for now....
but was the sheriff ever alone without crystal? seems as if maybe the sugar could have been placed waay before the missing money could it haveio possibly had a late reaction with the soil?......or quite possibly the sugar with the smell of the pies could have done something....but im not quite sure

Posted by smjjames, 8:10pm, 17 Aug, 2005

yea, but the forums will keep the text there instead of dissapearing after 24 hours or something.

How to win 150 mammon

Posted by jasonblue, 12:09am, 18 Aug, 2005

Don't forget that I'm offering 150 mammon to the first person to send in the correct solution. You can discuss things here all you want, but if you supply the right answer in this thead BEFORE you send it through the guessing page I can't be held responsible if someone beats you to it. And if you are right, please don't reveal the full answer here (at least not right away)... I might be offering some bonus stuff to everyone who figures it out.

So, then... in order to be counted as the master sleuth, you must answer ALL of the following questions...

1. Who robbed the bank?
2. What happened to the money?
3. Who is killing the matrimonials off?
4. Why are Barlow's matrimonials... er, the way they are?
5. What is the motive behind all of this? And yes, there is one.
6. What proof do you have to back up your theory?

Good luck!

Posted by rora123, 12:55am, 18 Aug, 2005

well its pretty obvious why barlow's turned out the way they of the females was killed off so i guess the other male preferred the other male to the female

Posted by smjjames, 1:10am, 18 Aug, 2005

Its pretty clear where the money is hidden in chapter 25, It has to be in the pies.

Posted by Bright, 4:24pm, 18 Aug, 2005

well, i don't know how it fits in, but i noticed that the bank lady or director(whatever she is) has the name A. B. Cathaway, and arabelle's full name is Arabelle(something?) Cathaway. Could it be that they are the same person?

Posted by Bright, 4:24pm, 18 Aug, 2005

rora123: well its pretty obvious why barlow's turned out the way they of the females was killed off so i guess the other male preferred the other male to the female

yes, but why didn't his matrimonial just pair up with eliza's lonely plant?

Why the blue matrimonial went to the other team...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 4:52pm, 18 Aug, 2005

Maybe the soil in Eliza's pot was too sugary.....

Posted by rora123, 5:40pm, 18 Aug, 2005

and perhaps that blue plant perferred the male to that particular female plant

Posted by smjjames, 7:40pm, 18 Aug, 2005

yea, thats a possible explaination since the mysteriously mobile plants are sensitive to sugar, so maybe the plant 'sensed' the sugar in there and was forced to move.

Also, since the circus war was around 1900 and the fact that Arabelle lived through it, although they were both teenagers at that time. So Arabelle would have been in her 50s or 60s during the 40's when she was bank director. and MAYBE she took the key with her in 1951 when she died

Actually the article about the festival is from the 40s so she may have been bank director before then, even though the 'Cathaway hag' is only in theory Arabelle and we don't know when she really died.

Also, in self service banking, Crystal said she had a wierd feeling from her demon senses, but the sherrif dismissed it, this is likely the same thing as something just beyond our awareness, except that crystal has different senses. This plus the fact that the door wasn't tampered with points to a supernatural cause.
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If you can wait...

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 10:55pm, 18 Aug, 2005

I've been collecting all the different clues throughout the story on MS Word and categorizing them according to their subject. Alas, my other computer with the file is not available until tomorrow. It was with that document that I formulated my theory on what was happening. (Remember were-plants?)

The only thing i can think of now is that maybe we are dealing with something tiny. Microscopic even.....Either that or somehow the coins in the bags are related to sugar.

Wasn't Crystal around each time a pair of matrimonials died from sugar poisoning?
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