The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Chapter 8 Turnip and Barlow

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Chapter 8 Turnip and Barlow

Posted by winkieface2001, 6:51pm, 29 Jun, 2006

Turnip and Barlow used to be best friends and now Barlow is setting a trap for him. So sad :( When did they first start showing signs of growing apart? Also shouldn't Barlow care more that Turnip's race is being killed? That's porbably a reason they've grown apart.
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Posted by jackiekitten, 1:40am, 30 Jun, 2006

I noticed that as well. I really like Turnip. I hope he plays a bigger role in future chapters and other characters start to get along better with him, too.

Posted by anbusc, 2:48pm, 30 Jun, 2006

I think that with the arrival of Crystal, Barlow has grown apart from Turnip. Also, I think there was a point when Turnip wanted Barlow to help the paper mammals against Ed, and he wouldn't (or couldn't).

Posted by Rognik, 4:04pm, 30 Jun, 2006

Not to mention that those communist texts seem to drive Turnip off the deep end. Or at least hovering over it.

Posted by imp, 10:42am, 3 Jul, 2006

Turnip is in a very strange position. What would you do if your kind was systematically being hunted and killed? Give the hunter a thumbs up? If turnip wasn't such a gentle creature he probably would have killed Ed outright some time ago. As it is he mostly just tries to keep all the other paper mammals from getting the axe.

Whatever the case, you can't help but concede that the situation is fundamentally twisted and bizarre. Spider Cliff can do without the stupid paper bags!

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 2:53am, 5 Jul, 2006

I don't think it was Crystal, but Alex, who replaced Turnip. If you remember, at the beginning, Barlow thought Alex was basically crazy. Now they're


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