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So how did you come across this web comic?

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Posted by Dragonsbane, 6:25pm, 3 May, 2006

Reffered by a friend who reads about 200 webcomics, she's kind of scary... Love her to bits but she's scary. A very random person... we were talking about cheese and then all of a sudden she goes ""SQUEEEEE YOU GOTTA GO HERE!!"" and i did... and I am so glad...

Posted by ralphmerridew, 9:52am, 18 Jul, 2007

Found on


Posted by rubyj, 12:41pm, 20 Jul, 2007

If your name is Liz I'm going to freak out. If not my bad.

Posted by Em Furlong, 12:06am, 23 Jul, 2007

I was looking through buzzcomics and I accidentally clicked the link. I read through a bit of it out of curiousity and now it's one of my favorite comics!

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