The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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So how did you come across this web comic?

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Posted by featheredkitten, 6:14pm, 15 Dec, 2005

yeah i found it at Lazylaces too, but it's been awhile, i think when it was first posted

Posted by bubblegumdrop, 8:21pm, 15 Dec, 2005

I just found it when i typed in "interactive games" on my homepage (ntl) there were plenty of links to spider cliff there. good stuff! love this site. especially love the sarcasm/ wit from crystal only really been playing internet games for a week now, dont think ill be playing any others now...!

Posted by desichild, 6:40pm, 18 Dec, 2005

i found it on lazylaces too, same time as feathered kitten.....i love lacylaces. Except I DONT understand the dark complex and it's driving me crazy.

Posted by SciFiChick, 6:17pm, 18 Jan, 2006

from Schnerples (thanks, by the way). and i, in turn, posted a write-up on my website for others to come check this place out.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 10:23pm, 18 Jan, 2006

Hmmm, I can't seem to remember how I found it, probably a banner on one of the twenty-some other webcomics I read. It doesn't really matter to me, I found it and I'm hooked, and it's staying that way.

Posted by imp, 10:19am, 1 Mar, 2006


Posted by athena54, 5:58pm, 1 Mar, 2006 had it on the "games" section...I was hooked from the start...

Posted by Allison93, 11:52pm, 28 Mar, 2006

Hi, I just found this site about an hour ago on (I don't have a registered name there yet but I've been visiting for a few months now off and on to check out the new online games they post. One of the best places to search for that by the way that I've found) and have been reading and checking the different pages on it since. I love how you can earn mammon points for different little things and I adore Turnip! He's just presh! Thanks to Jason for sharing this wonderful idea with the world.

Posted by whatan, 11:43pm, 26 Apr, 2006

I found it on

Posted by smalaney, 10:30am, 27 Apr, 2006

I got to SpiderCliff through various other comics I read online. I don't remember the "true path" I took to find it, but I have stayed with it since I found it.

Posted by ishtara, 1:55am, 2 May, 2006

I found it in the mystery section of buzzcomics, which I got to from voting for How I got there is anyone's guess though.

Posted by wigsy, 3:48am, 3 May, 2006

I got it from the geek website.

Totally hooked!!!!

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