The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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So how did you come across this web comic?

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Posted by Deverien, 2:20am, 17 Sep, 2005

I discovered this comic when I was through the buzzcomix listing a short while back.

Posted by Deltateen517, 2:39pm, 17 Sep, 2005

I discovered this through

Posted by Phoniexashes, 2:26pm, 26 Sep, 2005

I-am-bored. Got hooked and have checked every Mon Wed and Fri to see the new chapter. I even kick my husband off the comp so I can see if it was posted. Let me tell you, his shin doesn't feel that good. LOL

Posted by rora123, 3:12pm, 28 Sep, 2005

i too was hooked on this series from anyone know what happened to it? says the bandwith has reached its limit...will it be fixed?

Posted by Hakura0, 9:53am, 4 Oct, 2005

BuzzComics I believe. I'm a bit backwards compared to most of the people in this thread. I found out about I-am-bored from here!

Posted by vega777, 8:06pm, 4 Oct, 2005


Posted by Kortren, 5:45am, 8 Oct, 2005

BuzzComics. I was bored enough to look at the entire list and I stumbled upon an entry that used the words "animated" and "interactive" in the same sentence. Curiosity ensued.

Posted by Amalia, 1:27pm, 13 Oct, 2005 too. Should take a look on some time....they post pretty cool links! ;)

About The being offline...Leiza put it back up :)
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Posted by elemental, 3:14pm, 26 Oct, 2005

I found through a link on and insantly fell in love with the style. Regular comics become tedious after a while and this was a welcome change. I came in around the the end of mystery 5 on a friday afternoon. By monday I had caught up to the main storyline and I anxiously check it every MWF. This is my favorite comic now.

Posted by videocrazy, 5:09pm, 26 Oct, 2005

i was searching interactive comics when i found this

Posted by lovelytuba, 5:53pm, 29 Oct, 2005

I got it from too! That website is really funny, and it got me hooked on this one!

Posted by Knoton, 11:55am, 30 Oct, 2005

Yeah, i found it via too, sometime earlier this year. I just submitted it to so expect somewhat of an influx :-)

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