The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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So how did you come across this web comic?

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So how did you come across this web comic?

Posted by rubyj, 8:36am, 2 Sep, 2005

I came across Spider Cliff from a link on or just google i am bored. I am not responsible for the weirdness of the site or the hysterical laughter you may have from one of there links. It's just a index of sites for when your bored so if you visit them I warn you their not really censored. But there are links to fun games and cool stuff like build your own lightsaber.

Posted by i8hack, 10:26am, 2 Sep, 2005

I found Spider Cliff from also. I caught it towards the middle of the 5th story and I've been hooked since.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 10:28am, 2 Sep, 2005

I found it at, around chapter 10 of this story

Posted by vicky, 1:28pm, 2 Sep, 2005

I got here from i-am-bored, too. Guess there wouldn't be much readers unless that site was there.

Posted by Schnerples, 2:06pm, 2 Sep, 2005

I found it on a geek forum for games

Posted by smjjames, 3:50pm, 2 Sep, 2005

I also got it from Its actually a more recent entry, but yea, its a popular site.

Posted by Manar, 7:15pm, 2 Sep, 2005

Got it from I-Am-bored too. It was a good thing too. Now with this weird mystery to think of i am to puzzled to be bored ,-)

Posted by hookman, 4:55am, 3 Sep, 2005

I found it from a link on free online I guess im the first to say that.

Posted by venusEnvy, 11:27am, 3 Sep, 2005

I found this listed both on and nordinho had a thumbnail picture attached, and it was the artwork that attracted me first, and then when it was clear there were mysteries involved, I stayed. :)

Posted by Sammysue, 9:03pm, 4 Sep, 2005

I found this site cruising Buzz comics.I clicked for the top animated comics and decided to check this place out. I have been addicted since. Well that was only yesterday so I am still a very new member here.

I really enjoy mysteries of any sort so this place fits my fancy.

Posted by manigen, 12:07pm, 5 Sep, 2005

I found it the, it appealed because I read various web comics so I pay attention when someone mentions one.

Posted by heathermichelle, 10:24pm, 6 Sep, 2005

Jumping on the bandwagon. It took me a couple chapters before I really caught on, but now I'm absolutely hooked.

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