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Update Schedule - not a slam

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Update Schedule - not a slam

Posted by Schnerples, 12:50pm, 22 Apr, 2006

I am thinking about how we can make updating easier on Jason. This isn't a slam in anyway, but I have a feeling keeping up with a 3xWeek schedule is a bit too demanding. I don't want to stress Jason or keep going with constant "when's the next chapter?" crud. I'm just as guilty as everyone else. Maybe we can talk through having a different update schedule, one that will work better for Jason and still keep us going on the storyline.

I'm personally thinking that a Monday/Thursday schedule could work well. It's still more then most on-line comics but not the stress of 3 a week.

Jason - please don't think this is a criticism, it's not. I just want to make things a little easier on you and also help us know when to expect things so we're not annoying you.

Posted by Kiriai, 1:16pm, 22 Apr, 2006

Not a suggestion, but just a question for people to answer:

Would you rather have a chapter every Mon, Wed, Fri but have to wait a month or two between stories
Have updates as soon as chapters are made, with some gaps where real life is overtaking the creation process?

Posted by Ghost41, 3:15pm, 22 Apr, 2006

I wouldn't even mind if it was just 1 a week, if it gives Jason less stress and keeps the schedule regular.
Penny for your thoughts?

Posted by Schnerples, 5:17pm, 22 Apr, 2006

I would prefer a regular schedule that Jason can keep up with. It's a huge blessing to us to get a great story and have Spider Cliff to look forward to. I just don't want to stress Jason or overburden him. Spider Cliff is a highlight of my week and I just want to see it continue and still be fun for Jason.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 3:15pm, 24 Apr, 2006

I think a regular schedule would stress Jason out more. I would prefer an "updated when I have time to" schedule, no particular day to make him feel bogged down. We can trust Jason to update as frequently as he can even if he has an excuse not to.

And, if he has lots of free time, he can release more than one chapter at a time! Which would be awesome.

But I'm definitely not Jason, so as for a schedule he'd like better, the best thing to do is just let him answer.

Posted by anbusc, 6:43pm, 24 Apr, 2006

It seems to me that the voting for the site relies on the regular update schedule. I know I come to visit this site, and remember to vote because there are updates every few days. When there are fewer updates, I forget to visit sometimes. I can accept that there aren't more updates, as I am not making the episodes, but the current update schedule is what gets me to check every day. In fact, the fact that the updates aren't always on schedule makes me check on the non-episode days. The bottom line is, Jason sets the updating schedule. If it was too strenuous, he would change it.
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Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 2:13pm, 25 Apr, 2006

As a person that loved on-line comics I have to admit it's frustrating to never know when to expect an update. I know when my other comics update and regardless of time I am faithful to check when they are expected. It's a tempting thing to not come here often because the update schedule and the reality of when updates happen are completely different.

Posted by jasonblue, 10:21pm, 25 Apr, 2006

Oh, now I'm getting in trouble.

I have toyed with the idea of less updating, but I have a lot of stories to tell and life is too short so I'm trying trying to keep up with this schedule. New chapters will resume soon!

Posted by Schnerples, 10:39am, 26 Apr, 2006

Please don't misunderstand me... it wasn't a slam on you at all. I was just hoping to help find a good balance that keeps the information on the website accurate and you non-stressed.

Posted by i8hack, 11:10pm, 26 Apr, 2006

My two-cents to Jason, take your time and post when you can. The wait and anticipation make it better.

I'd like to see one post a week, and a few weeks off between stories. That way you could be a couple chapter ahead, so if one week life grabs ahold of you and something comes up you've got a chappie waiting in the wings. Just my opinion though. Just remember all, good things come to those who wait.


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