The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Loose ends

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answers to one of videocrazy's questions

Posted by whatan, 5:38pm, 27 Feb, 2007

spoiler alert!!!

Annabelle coouldn't override Crystals orders because she told Annabelle not to tell her or Barlow what happened the day they took the amnesia potion because sje knew they shouldn't go digging around.

- How did Rebecca almost destroy the town?

Posted by roger123275, 2:54pm, 14 Sep, 2007

Maybe it's because Rebecca invited crystal in to destroy it?

answering roger's question

Posted by smjjames, 5:39pm, 14 Sep, 2007

was that in story 6 or story 7? I know what you're talking about but forget what exactly was said. Anyways, I think that was many, many years ago, long before Crystal even came to the town.

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